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Getting Support Along the Way

It is said that it takes an entire village to raise a child, well, sometimes it takes a whole village just to create one. is part of that village for our family. I honestly don’t know if we’d be where we are today without the support and information I gained from this online community.

When we learned that my egg supply was rapidly diminishing at the age of 32, and for reasons that remain unexplained we had not had success with surgery, oral ovulation medications, or multiple IUI’s with injectable stimulation. We turned our hope to IVF to help us find the golden egg and conceive a much wanted a child. After two attempts at IVF cycles had to be cancelled due to a poor response to stimulation. Our RE suggested that with the last attempt we would push forward to egg retrieval no matter how few eggs there were. I started the cycle with 4 antral follicles (about 1/5 of the normal amount for my age), and just 3 of those responded to the maximum dose of medication. Quality over quantity was our mantra. There were just 2 mature eggs on the retrieval day, and to everyone’s surprise both fertilized and we ended up with two great quality embryos to transfer on the 3rd day. Two weeks later we got the call we’d waited for 3 years -the pregnancy test was positive. We expecting our miracle IVF baby Dec 31st 2011. We are so grateful and so very lucky to have beaten the odds.

There were so many times I was so discouraged I wanted to pack it in, but I credit the support and advice I received along the way for helping me keep perspective and persistence on this crazy journey. I have made some real life friendships and connections with women who I’ve met on and want to be able to give back to this community in whatever way I can.


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