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Seeking GS in Ontario


Location: Sarnia
Description: My spouse & I are seeking the assistance of a gestational surrogate to help us add to our family.  I have 2 children from a previous marriage and am not able to have any more successful pregnancies. Being unable to conceive and carry another child of my own and my spouse not being able to have a child of his own has been a difficult journey we have faced for the last four years. My spouse, the kids and I would like to expand our family by having a child(ren) together. My spouse is the most caring, nurturing, compassionate & loving step father and my two children are very excited about the possibility of our family growing to include a sibling. I truly understand the gift and honour of being able to conceive, carry a child to term and then delivery a healthy baby is. We hope that you would consider assisting us in our journey to expand our family by assisting us to have a child.



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