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Looking for a gestational surrogate


Location: Toronto, Ontario

We are a loving, honest and responsible gay couple seeking a surrogate to help us fulfill our dream of becoming parents. Having children has always been something we’ve wanted and we are eager and ready to start a family.
Having children would mean so much to us and we are prepared and ready for the challenges and hard work involved with parenting. We recently completed a three-month course for gay, bisexual, and queer men who are considering parenthood. Among other options, this course covered surrogacy. 
What was most useful from the course were panels of gay men, egg donors, surrogates, children/young adults of LGBTQ+ parents and assisted reproduction service providers (i.e. a counsellor, doctors and lawyer) who shared their experiences and stories and medical, financial, legal, ethical and practical advice.
Among other things, the course taught us to appreciate the entire surrogacy process and what we as intended parents can do to support and provide you with the best experience. You can be confident that we will always be respectful, sensitive and by your side every step of the way. If you so wish, we would love to remain connected with you in the future.
We admire, respect and thank you for wanting to be a surrogate and helping those who cannot carry children themselves. It is a truly selfless act.
Please feel free to contact us.
email: [email protected]



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