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Looking for a GS angel


Location: montreal
Description: We are looking for an angel to help us complete our family. Here is our story.

We are a married couple that have been together since I was 17 (19 years now). I gave birth to our son in 2006 and had major complications. Over the past 6 years, I have since had 9 surgeries, 3 IFV cycles, 3 miscarriages and this past year gave birth to our daughter at 24 weeks. She died at birth and we have had very diddicult months of pain and crying over the loss of our baby girl and dream. After major complications again, I was told to stop trying on my own but we cannot give up our dream and our son's dream of having an other child and sibbling.

We now have perfect little embryos at our clinic that our waiting for a gestational surrogate angel to help us become parents again. After losing our child, we can not imagine letting them die also.

We are looking for a GS from Ontario to help us as we live in Montreal, Qc.

If our story has touched you, please write at [email protected]
Thank you.



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