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GS looking for IP/IP's

Kingston delete Yes


Montreal Quebec Caucasian Brown Hazel Closed Yes

Looking for a surrogate

Ottawa or Trois-Rivier... Caucasian Brown Brown We are a couple that have 15 embryos waiting to be born and we are looking for a surrogate to hel... Yes


Quebec N/A  Yes

Available surrogate

Kingston/Ottawa area Caucasian Brown Blue/green I am realitivly new to this whole process, so I am unsure of all the abriviations but all my life... Yes

Looking for a lil' help

Toronto Ontario HI there - are there any altruistic surrogates that will help us?  After 4 years of IVF trea... Yes

Hoping for a Gestational Surrogate

Ottawa area My partner and I cannot conceive naturally. We have one daughter (2.5 years old). In May 2013 I b... Yes

Angel to carry our baby

montreal, Quebec My Husband and I are looking for an agel to carry our baby! I was young when I underwent a p... Yes

Gestational Carrier Needed

Vancouver Hi there,We are a loving, happy couple in search of a Gestational Carrier. We have many great emb... Yes

Amazing woman needed as GC

Quebec Caucasian We are a thankful & happy family of 3. My husband & I went thru years of devastating unex... Yes

Looking for Gestational Surrogate

Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) Hi, We are a gay couple hoping to find a surrogate willing to help us have a little boy or g... Yes

Seeking Gestational Surrogate

Alberta, Canada My husband and I are in our late 20's and are blessed to have a 4 year old son thanks to gestatio... Yes

Surrogacy or egg donation

BC Caucasian Hello, I am a 27 year old, healthy, active lady who is considering donating my eggs for a second... Yes

Looking for a surrogate in Ontario

Toronto Hi,We're a gay couple living internationally but undertaking surrogacy in Canada (Ontario prefera... Yes

Looking for GS

GTA Ontario Caucasian Brown Blue We are looking for a gestational surrogate for our Frozen embryo. If you are located in the GTA o... Yes

IM seeking GS

Quebec dark brown brown Seeking Canadian GS to help a childless couple conceive a baby. It's been such a frustrating expe...

Looking for GC in S/W ontario

Windsor,ON Caucasian Brown Blue Hi, My husband and I have been TTC since June 2008. We have been pregnant 4 times by ART but have...

Gestational surrogate needed

Ottawa, Canada Caucasian Brown Blue Hello, my wife and I looking for some help in our search for a gestational surrogate. We have bee...

gestational surrogate wanted

Almonte, ON Caucasian doesnt matter doesnt matter My husband and I are new to this. We are needing a gestational surrogate and an egg donor in the...

I help you and you HELP me

Hamilton On area Hi...My name is Amy and Im very healthy 33 year old who is married (4 years) and a mom of a very...

Looking for an altruistic surrogate

London causasion Blonde Hazel Hello To Everyone who views this site.I am looking for a surrogate to carry a baby for me as I ha...


Ottawa, Ont Caucasian Brown Brown I am a 32 year old married mother of 2. I am starting my first surrogacy in January and would lov...

Available surrogate

Quebec city, QC Caucasian Light Brown Blue HiMy name is Jess, I am 32 years old, in good health, don't smoke, drink or do drugs. I am a...

I help you and you HELP me

Hamilton On area Hi...My name is Amy and Im very healthy 33 year old who is married (4 years) and a mom of a very...

Seeking "Ontario Angel"

Greater Toronto Area (... My husband (45) and I (41) are professionals seeking a Gestational Surrogate in the GTA to help u...


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