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Looking for a surrogate

Canada we are a french gay couple looking for a surrogate who an help us in our project to become parent... Yes

In search of a GS in BC or SK

BC or SK Hello, we need your help! After 4 years of treatment, 2 years of failed IVF cycles and 3 miscarri... Yes



Thank you


In need of a surrogate

Greater Toronto Region I have posted here before but unfortunately my search for a gestational surrogate continues. My h... Yes

Looking for surrogate

Toronto We are a french gay couple looking for a surrogate who can help us in our project to build a fami... Yes

Desperate seeking a GS

147.4km North of Toronto Hello, my husband of almost 10 years and I are looking for a Gestational Surrogate. Fortunately d... Yes

Can you help start a family

Prairies Euro and Asian - - Hello all good ladies,   We are a Cdn couple in our 40s seeking healthy, fit surrogat... Yes

Looking for a gestational surrogate

Anywhere in Canada We are a french gay couple looking for a surrogate who can carry our baby. We have frozen embryos... Yes

Gay couple looking for surrogate

GTA or anywhere in Canada Any Any Hi, We are a gay couple from Toronto. We are in our mid 30's and have been together for over... Yes

French speaking surrogate

Ontario Caucasian any any hi,We are french gay couple, together for over 10 years and we want to extent our family with the... Yes

Looking for surrogate mother

Ontario and Quebec Caucasian brown Brown hi, We are french gay couple, together for over 10 years and we want to extent our family with th... Yes

Desperately seeking fatherhood

Toronto, Ontario African American Black Brown Hello, I am a single gay male who is 31 years old. I have signed up with a fertility clinic... Yes

Can I borrow your uterus :)

Toronto Hello, We are hoping to find someone to help us expand our family.  My husband and I ha... Yes

Hoping to find a GS

Saskatchewan We are a couple in our 30s hoping to find a GS. We have embryos frozen and would like to move for... Yes

Looking for a gestational surrogate

Toronto, Ontario We are a loving, honest and responsible gay couple seeking a surrogate to help us fulfill our dre... Yes

GS looking for IP's

Kingston My name is Jenn and I'm 34. I have 2 kids and I am a 2X GS(2011 & 2015) and 1X TS(2013). I'm... Yes

Looking for surrogate mother

Ontario We are gay couple with very stable relationship. Both of us are well educated, honest and warm-he... Yes

Seeking Surrogate

Vancouver Hello. We are a married same-sex couple in Vancouver. We have been together fifteen years, and ar... Yes





Loving gestational surrogate needed

Vancouver, BC We are a happily married heterosexual couple looking for a healthy  altruistic lady to help... Yes

Need help to become parents

Aurora, Ontario Due to recurrent loss, my husband and I need someone with a normal uterus to carry our embryo/bab... Yes

Surrogate SOS

Ontario/Quebec Hi,We're an easygoing, open, nurturing couple seeking a gestational surrogate. We have a unique s... Yes

Looking for a GS angel

montreal We are looking for an angel to help us complete our family. Here is our story.We are a married co... Yes

Need a GS, have eggs to donate

Edmonton area Caucasian Light brown Green Looking for a GS to help complete our family!I can't carry due to injuries resulting from a car c... Yes

Looking for a Gestational Carrier

Ontario Hello - we are a loving, professional couple from southern Ontario. Although we want nothing... Yes


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