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7 embryos available

Location: Calgary
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: brunette mom, blonde dad
Eye Color: hazel mom, blue dad
Description: We are interested in donating our embryos to a couple who best meet the following criteria: we would prefer a caucasian couple in a solid marriage where one parent would be able to stay home with their child (or children), or would at worst be able to return to part-time work only, minimizing need for childcare. We would prefer a couple who earn a comfortable living, and that at least one parent be university educated. We would also prefer a couple who have supportive and present immediate family members.
We realize that such ideals cannot always be met, but it is our hope that we would be providing our embryos with optimal advantages in life along with a loving and supportive home. If you believe you meet the above criteria and are interested in having really tall, adorable, and intelligent children, please contact us. We have been fortunate to have two wonderful children, and would like to offer another loving, maternally/paternally minded couple that same joy.

Feb 14, 2011 (Valentine's Day! How perfect!)
Please note, my husband and I have donated our embryos. We donated them a little over a month ago. We wish the adopting couple great success! I would simply delete this posting from the website if I could figure out how to. Sorry to those of you that have written to enquire about our FE's. Best of luck to you all!



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