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Cyclebase is a 'cycle database' where members of IVF.CA community record results of their personal IVF and FET cycles. Community members can search, sort, and view individual cycle information. The main cyclebase page displays an assortment of comparisons based on raw database information.

General Information

Is it scientific?

No. All information is entered voluntarily and unverified. It is possible that bias is present. For example, it is possible that one group (BFP or BFN) might be more inclined to report. Or some might be motivated to report based on the results they view. It is not a controlled study.

Does IVF.CA hope to prove something?

Not at all. The goal is simply to gather and present data. Observations may serve to form a basis for more questions or further research.

Who can participate?

Any registered member of IVF.CA from any geographic/clinic location. It is not meant to be a Canadian-only database.

How many records can a single member record?

There is no limit. Records can be recorded and edited at any time.

Are there member benefits for participation?

When we notice someone has added to the database we show our appreciation by changing their account to an ad-free forum member-group.

Will the FET section expand?

Yes, we plan to expand the FET section as time permits and more records are available to sample.


What is median average?

Median average is the middle value in a comparative group. For example, using the numbers 1, 3, 14, 20, 51, 60, 1092 the median average is the middle value 20. If there is no middle number, such as 1, 3, 14, 20,  51, 60, it will take away the highest number to find a middle (in this example take away 60 to make the median 14).

Why not use a mean average?

If a mean average is used it will add all values then divide by the total number of values. In this case it would result in a mean average of (1 + 3 + 14 + 20 + 51 + 60 + 1092 / 7) = 177. The variance in high and low numbers can skew the average significantly so for cyclebase we calculate using median average.

Example Code Disclosure

This is not a test. The following is a snippet of code from Cyclebase intended to show our work and allow for review.

Each Cyclebase comparison is displayed automatically. Each uses a unique set of calculations/code to search out 'fields' where the data is stored. For example this is the code behind calculating the beta average for records with 12dp5dt first betas. Field 10 = "5" includes only field 10 (embryo age data) where records indicate a 5day embryo (5dt). Field 11 = "12" searches where 12 is indicated as the # of days past embryo transfer (12dp5dt). Field 12 > "0" searches for reported 1st betas greater than 0. It looks in Field 15 for any value in a record (Field 15 stores # of fetuses confirmed at 7 week U/S). So in this example it selects and forms an array of only beta records (from Field 12) where all other field variables are present in those records (it excludes records that don't match all of the field inquiries). It then displays the lowest value, highest value and median value of all related records in the Field 12 array.

The code is written in PHP. If the coding and methodology can be improved we welcome your feedback/suggestions.

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