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The echo in the distance

Posted by DesignerBug in The Echo of Infertility, 14 January 2021 · 664 views

Infertility is a journey you never ever forget. It gives you perspective, awareness and understanding that hopefully one day prove to be an asset instead of a hindrance.  
Shes 11 now. Shes at an age where she will start to understand how she came to be to some degree.  
The challenges of infertility never go away, but I feel fortunate that for...


Lessons After 4 IVF Cycles

Posted by AnxiousIVFer in AnxiousIVFer's Blog, 21 November 2019 · 1807 views

The Journey
As a carrier of a rare genetic disorder, there is a 50% risk of my children being affected/carrying the mutation. I witnessed my father suffering so much at the end of his life that I cannot bear to witness another loved one going through this again. He was fortunate in the sense that his symptoms presented later in life. Some with this disord...


Sometimes When You Let Go Miracles Happen

Posted by Victoria in Flying On An Angel's Wings, 03 September 2019 · 1726 views

Since I got the call, Ive been asking these questions over and over:
Is this for real?
Are you sure?
Are you tricking me?
Is this what you really want to do? The answer is always, Yes.
I think, for the first time since I started my quest to have another child, I was in the first first stage of letting go, giving up, accepting defeat.  Though pa...


Four years later after IVF DID NOT WORK

Posted by Myrtle in Myrtle's Blog, 14 February 2018 · 5601 views

The reason I am here is because I am cleaning up.  I'm ready to throw out all my IVF needles and half used up bottles of medication.  I'm ready to move on.  We did three IVF cycles and I none of them took.  We never knew why.  I'm 46 years old now and there's very little chance of us conceiving on our own now.  We still might...


Is Egg Helpers any good

Posted by black_rose_5712 in black_rose_5712's Blog, 02 November 2017 · 4516 views
Egg Helpers

Hi I"m looking to go With Egg Helpers to find my egg donor and want to know other peoples experience and reviews of the company please let me know 


Looking for the right egg donor in Ottawa

Posted by vsd in vsd's Blog, 25 September 2017 · 3296 views

I am new to this site. I've had 2 failed IVFs at the OFC, likely due to my advanced age. My husband and I are looking for a suitable egg donor in the Ottawa area. Please private message me if you are interested. We are very eager to start our family.
Many thanks in advance.


September 24

Posted by single father to be in single father to be's Blog, 24 September 2017 · 3109 views

I made a decision to search for a new gestational surrogate.  I have been working with a woman through an agency, CFS.  She lives in NFL and had volunteered to carry for me and I was thrilled.  It's been 4 months and little has happened in this time.  In addition, she has been so difficult to get hold of and seems to treat this entire...


Hoping to have a baby...

Posted by gemzie004 in Hoping to have a bay, 13 June 2017 · 4011 views

To My Fellow Woman:
       I am a married woman praying to have my first baby but because of my age my Dr. told me to find  an egg donor for IVF procedure. I'm knocking to a heart of every woman who is willing to donate their egg probably 29 years old and below Asian or Caucasian. I know I will b...


FET #1

Posted by kiki2016 in How 2 Became 3 !!, 18 January 2017 · 4776 views

FET #1 Hello people! Okay so FET #1 from IVF #1 was a negative. I have nothing frozen left either 😑. What in the world is next for us!? We have two different plans as of now. We are not in agreement and it is very annoying.  Plan #1
Go back for just a retrieval in December 🙄. See what quality they are (I have low AMH for my age) (and who k...


Update-Joy and Pain

Posted by Ljo in Ljo's Blog, 24 December 2016 · 2952 views

I don't even know where to begin. I am pregnant. After four years of waiting for it to happen, our FET finally worked this time. I am 14 weeks as of yesterday. Supposed to be the happiest time of our lives.  
Two weeks ago today my mom passed away and I am lost. We were told in November that the radiation and chemo didn't work on her tumour and we we...


Nov 30 Ultrasound to check lining

Posted by shelan in Donor Egg FET Hopefully Dec 9 2016, 29 November 2016 · 2550 views

I have been reading the forums and blogs for quite awhile as i go through the process of finding an egg donor,all the appointments,and process in the last year.
I am 42 now and excited to share that we did find a egg donor and she has had the retrieval which was incredible! 32 eggs! 7 stayed immature.6 were not fertilizing normally.Leaving us with 19!


Looking for a surrogate

Posted by Islandbcliving in Islandbcliving's Blog, 15 October 2016 · 2263 views

Husband and wife in Victoria,BC.
Wife's had 2 miscarriages in the last 19 years and had a full hysterectomy at the age of 45, we moved to canada 10 years ago to start a new life and family. This has now become a challenge, it's why we are thinking of now starting one with the help of a suurogate. Not knowing the next step, we are at a stand still.


Scheduled for our FET for July

Posted by Hoping&Praying in Praying & Hoping for Baby , 27 May 2016 · 2747 views

Wednesday the 25th was my follow up appointment from additional testing after my last fresh transfer. The doctor said that everything looked beautiful and that he had no explanation as to why it didn't work out. I was originally concerned that I've started spotting a week before and until my period starts. He did mention that that could be a sign of endo,...


From: March FET 2016

Posted by Renae in babycompletesme's Blog, 18 March 2016 · 2416 views

Just wanted to let u know they like to see 7 mm or higher for transfer but some ladies only get a 6 mm which is ok too. As long as thats the norm for you. But 7 or higher is the goal. Good Luck 
Source: March FET 2016



Posted by gibasgirl in gibasgirl's Blog, 06 March 2016 · 2097 views

Oftentimes, when you meet someone new, you have no way of knowing how important they will be in your life. 
Sometimes, when your world falls apart they are there to help you pick up the pieces and find the beauty of life again in spite of the bruises and scars - sometimes because of them. 
Thank you can't fully express your gratitude beyond the...


...and still trying

Posted by Sweet_Insanity in Seeking more, 31 January 2016 · 2835 views

Alright, I admit it. I fell hard with my second fresh IVF cycle. 
2015 was not my year.  
Back in December a week before Christmas, I get the news that I am pregnant but the number is too low and the pregnancy was a loss. 
I pushed everyone away. I was angry. I was sad. 
I stopped getting online. I stopped going anywhere. 
Quit ea...


IUI for over 35's can be successful!

Posted by abundant love in 5 Years of Tears, 30 December 2015 · 4033 views
iui, over 35, iui success

IUI over 35 was a success for me
I've been meaning to write this for such a long time because I waited for such a long time to be able to do so. I am not even going to post the whole shebang because, really, my goal here is to inspire and encourage others, not write a novel.
I had a successful IUI at age 36 using donor sperm. It took 3 att...


Triggering tonight

Posted by Sweet_Insanity in Sweet_Insanity's Blog, 28 November 2015 · 2580 views

So today/tonight is my trigger. 
Still waiting on the phone call that tells me what time. 
I'll be Triggering with HCG at 10,000. 
I am so uncomfortable and full feeling in my belly. I look like I'm 6mos pregnant or farther.  
My DH is scared I might get OHSS but I don't think so. 
So here's what happened past few days... 


I've accepted he may be my one and only. Turning 30.

Posted by EMJRI in EmilyIrwin's Blog, 18 November 2015 · 3309 views

Today - well tomorrow really... I'm only a few hours off... I turn 30! 
I haven't been on here in months, mainly because (tho cycling has been on my mind daily) we haven't actively been cycling or really trying. Coming back on here I decided to reread my old posts. Reading them made me tear up, the person I was 4 years ago, 3 years ago and eve...


Back here after a long ... but good time!

Posted by Julia1977 in Is getting pregnant a dream?, 16 September 2015 · 4218 views
success, EPP

I was surprised to see that my last post was in November 2013! It was after my miscarriage and I remember I needed to vent and talk about how painful the process had been.
Although I stopped blogging, TTC didn't stop.  Some ladies here might have followed my story on some threads in the forums, but here I am again, feeling like I need to share...

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