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IUI success?

Posted by bambi , 28 March 2012 · 1446 views

Just did an IUI and it's my first one and was wondering if anyone has had any success with it.I'd appreciate any feedback from you ladies...



Posted by bambi , 21 February 2012 · 5599 views

Was wondering if anyone has had any difficulties with a hysteroscopy.I went in to get a hysteroscopy a few days ago and they've had to stop after several attempts as the Dr. was having difficulties getting into the uterus. I know I have a retroverted or tilted uterus and I'm not sure if that was the reason for such difficulties.I'm going in ag...


What's the deal with CoQ10??

Posted by bambi , 09 December 2011 · 1886 views

Seriously...what is the deal with this CoQ10??? Am I the only one who's never heard of it? I was reading about how so many people have taken it to improve egg quality and I'm just so frustrated that I was never told about it at the clinic I was at.Am I the only one in the dark about this?


Choosing the right clinic

Posted by bambi , 14 November 2011 · 1757 views

Hello everyone.I was wondering if someone could give me some advise on which clinic to choose.  We'd already did 3 rounds of IVM at IVF Canada and we're thinking of doing a round of IVF at another clinic. The only problem is, I don't know which one to choose in Toronto.Can anyone share any stories of their experiences at a clinic in Toronto?...

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