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October why OH why...

Posted by hoping for two , 09 November 2011 · 866 views

Last month was the worst month of my life.   I was PG then I was losing it then there was a small chance of still being PG...it was torture. Then two of our bff's think it's a good idea to tell us that their pg at a party. Where do I start this one at? I guess bluntly....they don't get along, there not married,and were on the verge of a break...



Posted by hoping for two , 05 October 2011 · 1043 views

This is one crazy roller coaster and it's no fun!!!    Of course I cried on Monday when I got the call that my HCG level was dropping. I did my best to get myself together for my DH & DD after all she doesn't need to see me that way. Tuesday was hard to even get out of bed but I did, got the things I needed to do done. After DD volleyball...


One very angry and sad lady

Posted by hoping for two , 03 October 2011 · 1022 views

I don't know where to start....maybe with a rant...sorry but I need to get somethings of my chest and just don't have anyone else to say them to. I guess I'll start with the biggest one I hate IVF right now!!! It's really breaking me down, I thought that I was a strong woman but all this disapointment and confusion makes me very weak! And...


I guess I knew this day would come

Posted by hoping for two , 01 July 2011 · 913 views

After our failed ET in January the doc said we needed to rest for two months. So we did and we gave ourselfs some time to re connect who we are (not just two people desperate to have a baby).         In the beging of June I called for an appointment thinking we'll just go in and get started, but to my surprise the nurse says to me " Dr cohen would...



Posted by hoping for two , 01 March 2011 · 725 views

OK....So, my period is 6 days late!! I have been working alot lately and really didn't think about it till yesterday when I was already 5 days late. I kept thinking it'll be here any day, it's a day late sometimes. Well I finally gave in and bought a HPT. Did my very best at not getting our hopes up. Although the flutter in my stomach...


On the Edge.....

Posted by hoping for two , 23 January 2011 · 890 views

I've been feeling great the last few days. Let me back up, on Tuesday my breast were very tender so I just knew AF was on her way. I even stayed in bed most of the day Wednesday feeling sorry for myself AGAIN. Then I pulled myself together and got on with my week. I woke up Saturday morning and the tenderness was gone I was in a great mood all day. I...


Right in the Middle

Posted by hoping for two , 19 January 2011 · 643 views

The panic is setting in!I can't remember for the life of me what date my last period was to know what date it would be here if we're not pregnant. This all started this morning when I was walking down the stairs and noticed my breast are tender. This is always one of the first signs of AF. I keep reminding myself of how I figured out I was PG...


Update with a Question

Posted by hoping for two , 12 January 2011 · 863 views

We went in for our ER this morning and got 17 eggs! The RE will call us tomorrow and let us know the quality. I have severe cramping the doctor gave me tylenol 3 I'm taking two at a time and it's only taking the edge off. I'm a little upset I feel like I have this cramping because of the RE I had she's not my regular doctor and when I...


The day has come.....AGAIN

Posted by hoping for two , 11 January 2011 · 665 views

Today's the big day! We are scheduled for E/R at 10am. I'm excited and very scared at the same time...excited that this could be the first day of a new chapter in our lives. Scared of the disapointment and heartbreak if we get another BFN. Actually I'm so nervous of a BFN my stomach is upset and I just want to lay here and cry. I should be...


round 2

Posted by hoping for two , 15 December 2010 · 855 views

Well..oh..well time flew by! I started my daily dose of Lupron today....and so the cycle begins! LOL As I get stared with this new cycle I can't stop thinking of what I'll do different this time so it will take. I thought I did good last time, I didn't take any meds that weren't for IVF barely drank any liqour, did my very best at...

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