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Im in the 2ww again.......

Posted by kristinaR , 13 June 2012 · 4295 views
symptoms anyone
Hi ladies just wanted to doc this Ivfs 2ww,.....Can anyone tell me thier sympotms as well. Ill doc mine till beta here.Hopfully can help others too.DAY OF ET--June12/2012 Transfered 5AB and 4ABWent home for bedrest, tired, few tiny pulls.1dp 5dt---June13/12-----Really tired today(achy too), thats about it,few "O" type feelingsin ovary area. Later...


Starting new job and FET is around the corner.......................Help stressed.

Posted by kristinaR , 11 September 2011 · 1708 views

So i just got offered a new job position and Its a great job all around , but ever since i said i accepted it my mind cant stop thinking about the FET coming up 1.5 weeks after i start! Im a stressball! All i can keep thinking is the company seems so good and expect alot from me, and if we finally end up PREGO(THIRD TRY),....AM I LETING THEM DOWN?...


Ladies im living proof!

Posted by kristinaR , 03 October 2010 · 4494 views

I wanted to share this to keep the hope and positivity going around.Well today was our ET. As many of you know, we really struggled in our first cycle...mostly due to quality issues. After speaking to all the nurses , our DR and embryologist we were told theres nothing they can suggest or do for the quality. I had 19 eggs retrieved on first IVF, and none...



Posted by kristinaR , 25 September 2010 · 1256 views

Hey ladies a little advice needed......No one in the family is aware we are doing cycle#2 right now, by choice and we are running into some issue about invites for dinner etc, which will be after ER and possible Day of ET(i will find out tomm). I told my self this cycle that i was going to take 2 weeks to "myself" to relax. I dont like saying no a...


Why are some people so rude!

Posted by kristinaR , 18 August 2010 · 1521 views

So today i had to call to rebook my SIS Scan cuz of AF showing up when shes not suppose too! Iam on Lupron to prevent this, anyway..DR and nurses arent sure why she has come but everybodys different they say. So i once again had to rebook my SIS. i called to speak with the nurse i was speaking to and the Reception lady just cut me off and said "sh...


My Lap surgery before IVF referal....

Posted by kristinaR , 02 June 2010 · 850 views

Thought i should post my journeysHi Ladies! Just wanted to fill you in on my Lap surgery. I was so nervous going for it as its my first time for surgery. When we arrived, then had me put on a gown(everything came off), and i had just started my period so i had to wear the hospital disposable undies and pads. They then came in and did vital checks, and...


IVF # 1 Sorry if there TMI in some parts girls

Posted by kristinaR , 02 June 2010 · 4156 views

After all the Stims were finally through...I felt like i was 5 months preg from those stims! geeezzzWell ER (ER for me was extremley painful, as my left ovary is squished up behind the uterus from my Endometreosis. :(..)We got 19 eggs,..11 fertilized. 2made it to days 5 and the rest didnt make it past...none to freeze.:( April 132010 and ET--april 18t...

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