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Not telling anyone this time..

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 17 September 2014 · 1299 views

I have always been really open about our journey with TTC. Going into this FET, we are not telling anyone (ok, except anyone reading this.. And my Mom)
Our friends are very, very supportive but I hate the "did it work?" "are you feeling ok with all those drugs?" "When is the transfer?"
I love them all dearly, I really do!

I want to just have privacy this time. I'm not asking my friends who have conceived naturally how things are going in the bedroom!

Thank you to all of you who have read this and will keep this cycle a secret and for the support!

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We only told my sister and my bff.  They were on strict orders not to ask any questions.  


Now that I am pg, they know, and my boss.  My 16 y/o dd figured it out.  Other than my work on sunday's and my US app't I'm hibernating till after 12 weeks.  No desire to be around anyone right now.

Sep 17 2014 10:23 AM
Congratulations on being pregnant!!!!! I agree that hibernating is best! Think of all the fall shows you can watch right now!!!
Sep 17 2014 01:10 PM

Sometimes it's just too much of a burden and adds to the stress when you're trying to be quietly even-keeled about the whole precarious process. Best of luck!

Pretty sure I'll be doing the same, Chicklet.  I hope your cycle goes very well!

Sep 17 2014 04:17 PM
Thanks ladies!

Totally understand....good luck!!

Sep 18 2014 07:42 PM
Thanks Rollergirl!
We got to this point too. Whether it be for lack of support or just didn't want to answer questions after a failed cycle again! We were lucky enough to finally have a successful cycle and it was nice surprising family and friends with our news when we felt comfortable, just a hint of "normal" in this crazy journey!

For me, it's more like I was feeling that I had to console OTHERS...or at least reassure them that I was "OK"

Whether it be for lack of support or just didn't want to answer questions after a failed cycle again!

Sep 24 2014 03:30 PM
I have been torn on telling two of our friends (they are a couple) and are struggling to get pregnant. They have not gone to a doctor or done any testing just waiting and hoping each month. I have not suggested to them to do this as I hated when people did it to me DH and I...

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