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Drug Hiatus

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 22 April 2014 · 843 views

I feel like all I've been doing is popping hormones since early 2012! My phone still vibrates at various times as a reminder to pop, inject or sniff! I needed a break - so I took one!
It feels so freeing to not be tied to this process for a little while. I feel like I'm giving my body a well-deserved rest from all these drugs. I'm giving my mind a break from over-thinking! I'm doing this for two months. No more drugs!!!
Come August/September I will be doing this again for another FET. For now, I want to feel - normal.

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Good stuff. You sound free already. A very positive step to reclaim your normal life again.

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Apr 22 2014 10:12 PM
It is refreshing to not have to be tied to the clock!
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I totally get it!  It's hard when you are constantly taking something, as it feels like your life isn't your own, but rather belongs to the clock and calendar instead.  


Enjoy your break, and good luck this summer.

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Apr 23 2014 01:15 PM
Or it belongs to the clinic!! Thank you!!
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