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My 2ww Pledge

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 20 October 2014 · 1487 views

I thought if I made this public it would make me accountable..

During my 2ww I promise to not take a home pregnancy test and wait till the actually beta is to be done.
During my 2ww I promise to not stress eat
During my 2ww I promise to relax as much as I can
During my 2ww I promise to eat healthy (pending I haven't started stress eating)
During my 2ww...


Just... Meh

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 06 October 2014 · 920 views

I have done this hormone thing.. 4 times now. This time is the worst. I'm emotional and sobbing about everything!
I know now that this is normal - hormones are horrible.

I just hate that I'm crying at a drop of a hat over the dumbest things like the Orange juice being gone! Or my parents leaving for a holiday (I'm 33 and married, I don't even live with...

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