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My 2ww Pledge

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 20 October 2014 · 1579 views

I thought if I made this public it would make me accountable..

During my 2ww I promise to not take a home pregnancy test and wait till the actually beta is to be done.
During my 2ww I promise to not stress eat
During my 2ww I promise to relax as much as I can
During my 2ww I promise to eat healthy (pending I haven't started stress eating)
During my 2ww...


Just... Meh

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 06 October 2014 · 1013 views

I have done this hormone thing.. 4 times now. This time is the worst. I'm emotional and sobbing about everything!
I know now that this is normal - hormones are horrible.

I just hate that I'm crying at a drop of a hat over the dumbest things like the Orange juice being gone! Or my parents leaving for a holiday (I'm 33 and married, I don't even live with...



Posted by Chicklet23389 , 26 September 2014 · 1072 views

I am getting all set up for starting this next FET.

I am starting suprefact on my DH birthday (Sunday)
Our possible transfer date is my DD 1st birthday (Oct 31)

I am taking this a sign and a positive one! I have a lot of emotions going into this cycle. I'm nervous, excited and feeling overwhelmed. I worry that again my transfer will take 45+ minutes c...


Not telling anyone this time..

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 17 September 2014 · 1418 views

I have always been really open about our journey with TTC. Going into this FET, we are not telling anyone (ok, except anyone reading this.. And my Mom)
Our friends are very, very supportive but I hate the "did it work?" "are you feeling ok with all those drugs?" "When is the transfer?"
I love them all dearly, I really do!

I want to just have privacy t...


Drug Hiatus

Posted by Chicklet23389 , 22 April 2014 · 906 views

I feel like all I've been doing is popping hormones since early 2012! My phone still vibrates at various times as a reminder to pop, inject or sniff! I needed a break - so I took one!
It feels so freeing to not be tied to this process for a little while. I feel like I'm giving my body a well-deserved rest from all these drugs. I'm giving my mind a break...

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