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Posted by Ljo , 01 March 2016 · 1258 views

Haven't written in a while because I haven't had much to say. Nothing has changed in my situation in regards to fertility. Just waiting.......and hearing negative results.
Currently I'm waiting for IVF#2 to start. Instead of starting, they found a large 7cm cyst on my ovary and so I'm on birth control waiting for that to shrink. 
This past weekend, we visited with my husband's nieces. The family decided to go to the park and I happily tagged along. Once we got to the park though, this wave of sadness hit. I just sat on a bench and watched my nieces and family play. There were quite a few parents and kids there due to the nice weather and I was just consumed with this grief that I'm never going to have a family to come to the park with. There was one dad who was there with his two girls. He sat on a bench just glued to his phone the whole time and wouldn't get up even when his girls called out "daddy, come push us on the swings!"  It made me furious. 
At one point, I let tears spring to my eyes and had to quickly blink them away. I am losing hope. 

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Mar 01 2016 03:40 PM

(((HUGS))) xo

A week ago, we had friends over for dinner & to hang out. I knew they were bringing the kids & was fine with it, love having kids in the house. But, add a couple of glasses of wine and a recent failed FET into the mix... ...well I wasn't as over it as I thought I was. Had a complete breakdown in front of everyone. Luckily they were friends who know what we are going through. It is hard sometimes & it seems like everyone else is having babies and growing their families. ((You)) for those times. Stay strong, you are not alone.
Jun 17 2016 09:05 AM

I can understand how you feel since everyone around us has multiple children and not one has struggled with infertility or has any idea what it's like to be told you will never be able to conceive naturally!

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