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Peek A Boo!

Posted by bridgeypie , 12 June 2010 · 936 views

My gosh! It's been forever since I've blogged on this site. This blog hold so many of my dreams and hopes and really captures what a struggle dealing with IF was for my family. I dont even think I've blogged here since the triplets have been born...But with all that's going on I felt the need to write something in a community that I fe...


The package includes....

Posted by bridgeypie , 24 June 2009 · 805 views

1 man and 2 little ladies :) VERY EXCITED :th_acheerlead:


Personal Choice....

Posted by bridgeypie , 22 June 2009 · 689 views

I hate to do this, because so many of you girls have been so encouraging and loving and I dont think theres words to describe how wanted I feel here, but I'm moving my blog.... WHY?Well this blog space and all the pages of words I've gotten out here is a VERY Personal time for me, one Ididn't mind at all sharing with you folks but one I dont r...



Posted by bridgeypie , 10 June 2009 · 764 views

Just some random thoughts I needed to get out:What I love about being pregnant   -> The way my belly is getting bigger but I dont seem to mind much -> Buying an ENTIRE new wardrobe even though I'll wear it for only 6 more months-> The reaction I get from each and every person who finds out it's triplets, I wish I could carry around a c...


Lucky 3

Posted by bridgeypie , 03 June 2009 · 562 views

So Im lying in bed, thinking WOW everything good came in 3's for us this cyclesIt was the 3rd monthRetrival was on the 2nd ( close enough to the third)Bradley was 3It was our 3rd attemptWe only had 3 embroys3 embroys tookEverything was THREE.Just weird :) Anyways - it's so nice to be done work! ....very relaxing. I just took a 2 hr(730-930) ca...

The winning protocol

Starting Feb 19th 2009 <- I predicted this right!No BCP No Supression :D Call with Day 1 - Feb 18th Get BW to make sure progesterone is okay Everything was perfect start FSH tomorrow!Day 2 of cycle - Feb 19th Start Dexamethodane Start 400 ius Puregon Start 75 ius of Repronex>> Day 5 of cycle started OrgalutronFirst B/W and U/S - Monday Feb 23rdLeft Follicle: 2 @14mmRight Follicle: [email protected] 12mmE2: 600Second B/W and U/S - Wednesday Feb 24thLeft Follicle: 7 Measurable 2 SmallRight Follicle: 2 Measurable 0 smallE2: 1200Third B/W and U/S - Friday Feb 27thLeft Follicle: 7 measurableRight Follicle: 2 measureable - may loose 1 E2: 2600TRIGGER SATURDAY FEB 28th MOMS BIRTHDAY!!!>>>>ER 03/02/09 7 follicles aspirated - 5 eggs - waitting for fertilization report!!!<<<<<[size=5]Fertilization: 4 of 4 mature eggs fertilized, on 3 day transfer 3 were doing well, put back all 3Never had a BFN - waitting for beat results


HPT RESULTS IVF #3Based on 3 day Transfer4dpt BFP - thinking it's still trigger5dpt BFP - darker - no idea?6dpt BFP - lighter GAH!7dpt BFP - DARK!8dpt BFP - it wont get darker :) 9dpt BFP - its still dark :) 10dpt BFP - When will I believe it?11dpt BFP - Still preggo!12dpt BFP - still preggo!BETA 13dpt3dt 500BETA 15dp3dt 1649BETA 21dp3dt 12,300

Why I love Montessori

Helen Keller Said...I believe that every child has hidden away somewhere in his noble capacities which maybe quickened developed if we go about it in the right way,but we shall never properly develop the higher nature ofour little ones while we continue to fi ll their minds withthe so-called basics. Mathematics will never make themloving, nor will accurate knowledge of the size and shapeof the world help them appreciate its beauties. Let us leadthem during the first years to find their greatest pleasurein nature. Let them run in the fields, learn about animals,and observe real things. Children will educate themselvesunder the right conditions. They require guidance andsympathy far more than instruction......Maria Montessori delievered the concepts

Too Cute

This is my "depressed stance." When you're depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you'll start to feel better. If you're going to get any joy out of being depressed, you've got to stand like this.


A very dear friend of mine know in the community as "shola" figured out this amazing formula (you're so smart!) to tell when the HCG would be totally gone.I always look through the forum to find it each cycle, so Im going to include it here - it's very helpfulbased on initial dose = 10000 IUthen the level of HCG after t hours is approximately2000 * 2 ^ ( -t / 33 )Ok, so the ^ symbol means "to the power of"... (eg 2 ^ 3 = 2*2*2=8)


Attached Image: final.JPG 3 Babinos on the way :eggchick: :eggchick: :eggchick:


Set a major goal, but follow a path. The path has mini goals that go in many directions. When you learn to succeed at mini goals, you will be motivated to challenge grand goals.Finish what you start. A half finished project is of no use to anyone. Quitting is a habit. Develop the habit of finishing self-motivated projects.Socialize with others of similar interest. Mutual support is motivating. We will develop the attitudes of our five best friends. If they are losers, we will be a loser. If they are winners, we will be a winner. To be a cowboy we must associate with cowboys.Learn how to learn. Dependency on others for knowledge supports the habit of procrastination. Man has the ability to learn without instructors. In fact, when we learn the art of self-education we will find, if not create, opportunity to find success beyond our wildest dreams.Increase knowledge of subjects that inspires. The more we know about a subject, the more we want to learn about it. A self-propelled upward spiral develops.Take risk. Failure and bouncing back are elements of motivation. Failure is a learning tool. No one has ever succeeded at anything worthwhile without a string of failures.


Attached Image: 111.JPG I'll love you foreverI'll like you for alwaysAs long as you're livingMy baby you'll beAttached Image: aaa.JPG


Trigger Wed Sept 23rd @8:45pmSept 23rd 9:15pm (yest 30 minutes past trigger) = BFNSept 24th BFP - Blood HCG done level @ 9754Sept 25 - no testing retrivalSept 26th -BFPSept 27th - BFPSept 28 -BFPSept 29th -no testingSept 30th - AM BFPSept 30th PM - BFN TRANSFER_______________________________________1dp5dt Oct 1st - (FMU)Barely but visable BFP2dp5dt Oct 2nd - BFN HCG IS GONE3dp5dt Oct 3rd - BFN...4dp5dt Oct 4th - BFN (knees starting to shake)5dp5dt Oct 5th - BFN - That evening AF Showed up - witch :th_aggahhh: