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Posted by Renae , 18 March 2016 · 2412 views

Wow ladies! So much action this past few weeks! Thanks for sharing your stories. I know I don't post much but I get so much out of following along with you.. 
To those of you who didn't get your much deserved BFPs from your FETs, I am so sorry. I hope you are taking great care of yourself and are sorting out your next steps. 
For those of you in the 2WW- I  look forward (albeit, reluctantly!) to joining you! haha. I am already getting the pangs of excitement combined with dread now that my FET is getting closer. It has been so nice to hear about your experiences and trouble-shooting for things like how to not have a bursting painful bladder during the procedure! 
For you BFPers in the group: I am beyond thrilled for you! Keep on climbing betas! 
Archer, best of luck tomorrow!
I am not even sure what I last posted but I am currently on estrace and I have my lining check next Tuesday and if all is well, I'll be booking a ticket back to BC for the transfer the following week. Just out of curiosity, what is a normal/required lining thickness for the FET? With all my ultrasounds over the years and during IVF treatment they always say "your lining looks great" but I don't know what that means!! 
To keep my "infertility brain" (I swear that is a thing!) busy I've started lobbying for fertility coverage at my workplace and looking at getting involved with the IAAC (Infertility awareness association of Canada). I am finding I have all this pent up energy so it is nice to start fighting for a cause so very near and dear to my heart right now. Maybe all this estrogen coursing through my veins is making me a better advocate for myself and others! haha

Just wanted to let u know they like to see 7 mm or higher for transfer but some ladies only get a 6 mm which is ok too. As long as thats the norm for you. But 7 or higher is the goal. Good Luck 
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Mar 22 2016 12:52 PM

Thanks for that! Didn't see it until today :) 

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