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The girls are here!!

Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 07 December 2008 · 609 views

Finally I can stop my whinning because the girls have arrived! I was officiall 35wks4d. I have posted a lil something and picts under the birth announcements. I am still feeling overwhelmed with there being two of them. It will take me a minute to find my groove. I have been dying to do some blogging on my new crzy life but evertime I seem to start I...


34 wks

Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 17 November 2008 · 598 views

I have made it to 34 weeks. I go to the u/s and fetal monitoring today. Last night I had so many contractions I thought I was going to be going in. But I took a pill. Chicken shit that I am. You would think after watching a bazillion Baby stories on tlc that I would be siked up for that ceserean by now. I still continued to get the contractions thru out t...



Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 14 November 2008 · 572 views

Today is my son's 12th birthday and Sunday is my husbands 30th birthday. Yesterday was a full moon, and yet still no babies. By now I am starting to get way impatient. Baby b (Sunset) has flipped around so is now head down and I am much much more comfortable.  I have gotten my steroid shots so thier lungs will be ok at deilvery and they are weighing o...



Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 28 October 2008 · 539 views

I made it thru the boring weekend. Gosh was it ever so long. I have taken up permanet residency on the almighty couch throne and feel worthless. I did attempt to go thru a few things in my bathroom to try to prepare. No matter what I do it seems that anything wears me out. So I give up.I am torn lately with the name issue once again. As I said, I dont LOV...



Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 24 October 2008 · 588 views

I have made it to 30wks 4 days now. Gosh just a few months ago I was questioning if I would make it to 28 wks. Now I am not feeling so hot these days and I have been putting off my blogging for a while. I can tell that my heart is beating for three, my lungs are breathing for three and my aches are three times what I had expected.As the days go by now I f...



Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 01 October 2008 · 450 views

Today I am very, um, hormonal, emotional? I dont know. My moods are up and down and all over the place. I guess it's all the estrogen I have got going on. My so is now back to his dads again and this time its permanent. I signed the physical custody to his father. I am going to have my good and bad days with it, but I was not bothered by it today. I d...


the Connection

Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 24 September 2008 · 444 views

After having the 4-d u/s on Sunday, finally I ave really felt the connection. I was starting to get a lil worried. Going thru ivf you go thru steps and procedures an its hard to know when and somemes how to connect with your baby(s). Fear that it's not going to work. Fear that you will lose them. Fears that come between you and growing that natural co...


okay...moving on now

Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 03 September 2008 · 474 views

Okay.. I have had some time to think of other things so I want to move on from the last post. I am so glad hear of some of the recent sucesses in the new pregnancies to the site. I know it sounds like I have no life but I really do spend a few hours a day just reading thru all the threads and blogs. Maybe it's hormones, but I cry along with the shared...


thoughts of death

Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 02 September 2008 · 448 views

I have been up since 2 am and I am feeling run down now. I dont now if everyone who is pregnant goes thru weird thoughts or maybe it is just me wigging out. I woke in the mist of my sleep thinking of death.Not that is what I went to bed thinking of at all. It just so happened to wake me like that.When you have children you seem to think of death in a diff...


to my surprise

Posted by SUNSHINE77 , 28 August 2008 · 465 views

Well to my surprise, my son has decided that living with me is what he really wants. I really thought he was going to be choosing to stay with his dad at least a lil while longer. Deep down inside I wanted him to be here for when the babies arrive. But I was now emotionally ready to be able to let him grow. I am totally happy to have him back and knowing...

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