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Back here after a long ... but good time!

Posted by Julia1977 , 16 September 2015 · 4209 views

success EPP

I was surprised to see that my last post was in November 2013! It was after my miscarriage and I remember I needed to vent and talk about how painful the process had been.
Although I stopped blogging, TTC didn't stop.  Some ladies here might have followed my story on some threads in the forums, but here I am again, feeling like I need to share it here as well.
After that miscarriage in 2013, I went through another cycle (with a similar protocol to the one I did in the cycle that ended in miscarriage). that protocol was from hell ... it was heavily medicated, with so many injections per day ... and yet ... ended in a BFN.... I was so upset, that I discussed with the RE how I need to change the protocol for the next cycle.
He was reluctant at first and tried too remind  me that if we change he can not guarantee success.
But I was so convinced I need a different recipe ... less medicated, and with no suppression ....
Eventually we cycled in April on the Cornell protocol (an adaptation of the EPP). The beginning was not very thrilling (with low AF) but I ended up with only 2 embryos to transfer on Mother's day ... and what an Omen!!
I still remember how ecstatic i was to receive the phone call that gave me the BFP!! ...
Something was good about that whole cycle ... I felt happy and relaxed. 
When we went for the 8 weeks US, I was scared to death ... the memory of the previous BFP and arrested pregnancy kept haunting me ,, and I went there preparing myself for the same news ....
Yet ... the RE's face glowed with the words "I have good news" ... seeing the heart beat was so emotional that I started crying ... the nurses were also very excited and they insisted that I visit them during pregnancy to show them my bump ... Spending the past 4 years with them made them very close and they just felt happy like my own family ...
Pregnancy progressed very smoothly ... but of course it was coupled with anxiety ...and the fear at every milestone ... the heart beat in each US, the genetic screening, the fetal development ... delivery ... 
But all of that ... and everything that preceded that in the years of TTC just feels like a glimpse when I look at my little munchkin who is lying next to me on the couch ... He's almost 8 months now .. a healthy happy baby ... who has no clue what a journey his mom and dad went through.
If there is anything I have learned throughout the past few years of TTC, it would be "patience" ...
I do wish each and every lady on this forum the best .. and I hope my story will bring some hope to whoever is in need ...

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Sep 16 2015 04:50 PM

congratulations julia!!!!

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Sep 17 2015 05:49 PM
Congratulations! I remember following your posts Julia! So happy that you got your miracle. I am snuggling my almost 8 month old as I read your blog :) If there is one word that I have learned, it's perseverance.
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Congratulations on your little miracle :)  Your post resonated with me and echoed all the feelings I had throughout ttc and pregnancy.  So happy to hear of your success story!

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abundant love
Sep 18 2015 12:05 PM
Wonderful to read this - you are brave and you did it!
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happy wishes
Sep 20 2015 08:19 PM

I'm so thrilled to read this! I remember "talking" with you in the past. :)

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Congratulations!!! So happy for you.

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Sep 25 2015 07:53 PM

Congrats and welcome back!!

Congratulations! I don't know you but I'm very very happy for you (my hands are shaking and I'm crying right now). Thank you for sharing your story. Reading this gives me hope.
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Thank you ladies!

Always hope for the best ... and i hope I will be reading more success stories for those who are still on this journey

Regards & kisses

Congrats! Having a little one after many struggles is amazing. I only with that for all the ladies on here.

Congratulations to you.

Everything will be fine, trust will surely be successful, congratulations



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