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Posted by Mommyof3allready , 18 January 2013 · 1321 views

Ok ladies..update..
Met doc at clinic today. Everyone was soo upset for us...including doc. He stood behind his lab team..until in conversation he found out we were NOT called after ER -sperm anylasis was done. His tune changed a bit at that point. He said "I was under the understanding you authorized the NO icsi" I said no..we wernt called till 24+ hours after ER...(remember we signed and paid for icsi) I had no idea icsi wasn't done till after..it was to late :( he does believe next cycle he would do with 5 eggs icsi FORSURE . He is working on a internal investigation with the head HR to get to the bottom of this. This is unacceptable..he and staff were soo caring today and every day we have dealt with them. His staff will be calling Monday with a (offer) per say. He is applying for pharma care (donated meds) to pay for some if our meds and will give us another round of ivf/icsi in march.
Just aweful! Would hate for anyone to have this happen to them. I don't want to go through ER...again...ughh o ps.,I got a copy of our file jic :)

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Shouldn't have mattered if you had 1 egg or 100, you asked and paid for ICSI, should have been done.  Sorry you are going through this!

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I hope you get this matter resolved in your favour and get that BFP next cycle!!!

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Jan 19 2013 01:00 AM
Guess what?! Hubby and I just sat down to read our file (it's been along day) over a nice glass of wine..kids are in bed..IM GOING TO FREAKING BLOW!!!! All of our file is there...except the ER AND two of the sperm tests. The one from day of ER and one from nov. the one test (first one) says right on the bottom..icsi definetly needed. Omfg..,.im soo mad. I wanted to see the eggs report and the sperm report from jan 12..ER day!!!
He obviously thought we were gunna sue..omg I have such a kind heart :(
nervus optimist
Jan 19 2013 11:05 AM

I'm glad they are already talking about how to make this right - but missing information is not ok.  request the rest (in writing) and when they make you the offer, ask for it in writing and say you need a couple of days to think about it.  gives you a chance to let it sit, and seek legal advice if you feel you need to - doesn't necessarily mean you'll sue - but they may be able to help you negotiate, or even just help you understand your rights and your options.  what a mess - sounds like they do want to take steps to make it right and it's hopefully just a matter of working through the negotiations in a way that you are comfortable in the end.


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it sounds like they have realized they made a mistake. I hope you get a full IVF cycle for free.


Good luck

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I really hope this clinic steps up and does the right thing (right thing would be a full cycle with everything paid for, including drugs).  

It's just not acceptable. Time to send an email!

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Jan 19 2013 08:45 PM

This is not acceptable at all and don't let them try to lay the blame on you that you instructed for no ICSI.  You're no doctor, how would you know that you can even instruct not to do ICSI, especially after the doctor specifically said you should do it?  I find it suspicious that you're missing records and I would definitely call the clinic on Monday and ask for those records because they legally belong to you.


Good luck, I would be furious in your position as well.

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I am glad for you that you are following it up right away and not letting it sit and fester.  Good luck.

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I really really hope he offers you a free cycle !
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