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Posted by Mommyof3allready , 06 January 2013 · 994 views

Hi everyone!
Question: Can more follicles grow/produce while stimming from the first us?
We started stimming 5 days ago and have us tomorrow morning (day6). I had only 5 follies (3 on one side and 2 on the other).
I'm so nervous for tomorrow and hoping we will have more then 10 total.
Is this common? This is our first and only (we have to pay all of it out if pocket) ivf cycle.
Thanx in advance for any tips or advice
~everything's crossed~

I had the exact same # from beginning to end (16), but if memory serves, I've seen women have more after a few days.
I for sure had a few grow towards the end. I think I had about 8 at my first scan and ended with 12.
Good luck
Our clinic begins to mesure them at 10mm.. and then any other smaller follicles usually catch up and grow 2 mm per day. You'll probably have more at tomorrow u/s but it's hard to say because everyone is different.
My follies increased alot after about day 8 or so, every day a few new ones popped up. Keep in mind, not every follie will have an egg, and they may get more than they see on u/s's.

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