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5 follies

Posted by Mommyof3allready , 03 January 2013 · 848 views

I have no idea how to add a comment under a blog I started. I'm new to this site and I'm on my iPhone. I text it all but it won't post. So I will try this :)
My dr. Seems to figure this is all I will get and to go for it. We have done all the testing. I have been on 1 month if DHEA as well. I have had 3 kids. 20, 10 and 15 mths. I had my tubes taken at my last c-section and then we decided we want another baby. Nothing is covered in BC so we are paying this huge amount out Of pocket and on one income..so we have decide we are doing one ivf only. So on that note I have started stimming yesturday and we will hope for the best. The last 3 months I have had roughly the same amount if follies per month.
I guess time will tell (my motto) and like everyOne says..u only need 1 good egg.
Thanx for the comments..:)
Really Aappreciated. There's just so many scenarios ect..anything can happen

You really only need one good one. On my last IVF I only had 4 follies and had two eggs retrieved and had one beautiful daughter. Best of luck to you!
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as everyone will tell you, you will need ony one good egg. I have been praying and wishing and hoping for that one good egg but so far no success. I keep telling myself I only need one and if I get pregnant with my first and only child I will not ask for more but reading your post makes me wounder!!! will be wanting more if I have one? does that mean my jurney in infertility will not change even if I have one? I am not sure if I could go through the same jurney for the 2nd one!! i wish you the best of luck and I hope one of these five is your ONE :)

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