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2 Mono-nucleated embryos later, and here I am at 34wks!!

Posted by Katiekins27 , 24 September 2011 · 723 views

I had to read my old post first before writing this one. Just like the title says, so much has happened since then! To bring you up to speed at a rather faster rate....yes, my embryo's mono-nucleated, and by some miracle, they corrected themselves, and on day 5, my early blasts were ready to be implanted!  We went in, got it done, and by sheer...


I bid you all a fond farewell...!!

Posted by Katiekins27 , 08 February 2011 · 1867 views

So...yesterday after I got tbe 2nd best call of my life about 2 of my eggs fertilizing, I had the instinctive thought that it was too good to be true and something was bound to happen to stop me from getting to transfer! Well, my worst nightmare came true. The clinic called(Dr Vause) this am right before I was heading out the door to run errands befor...


Ignorance, truly is bliss!

Posted by Katiekins27 , 07 February 2011 · 932 views

Stimming process..done,check; ER...done,check;  ET...slated for Tuesday Feb 8(7mos to the day before my 40th bday)!!I have to admit this whole IVF process was a lot easier when I went for broke in June of '08 and said "what the heck, if its meant to be, it will happen!"That was almost 3 yrs ago, and I know so much more now than I d...


Its not just 2 injections a night, but 3, lucky me!!

Posted by Katiekins27 , 23 January 2011 · 1009 views

So tonight is the first night of injections, and luckily for me, I get to inject myself 3 times, not 2x a night! Why you ask?  Because I am supposed to take 150iu of Luveris, but I got 75iu bottles from Barb!  I have tried to wrap it up in my head to figure out how I can add everything in one syringe, but without adding bubbles or too much diluant...


And so it starts....!

Posted by Katiekins27 , 04 January 2011 · 678 views

Okay, so I am a tad excited that I start the OPK and Estrogen patch this cycle; what I am not pleased with, is when it all started...Christmas morning, a whole 4 days too early-blah!! What does this mean? I have to go back to my boss and recalibrate my time off, as the clinic thought it would be the 29th, and I was expecting it no earlier than the...

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