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Two Week Wait

Posted by Myrtle , 10 December 2013 · 2511 views

two week wait 2WW ivf secondary infertility
The two week wait is going okay.  I do feel as if the closer I get to my blood test date, the slower time is going and suddenly the more I am thinking about whether or not I might be pregnant.  I hate that I even entertain the idea.  It has been so heartbreaking every single time so far when I end up with a BFN.
After trying naturally, then IUIs, and IVFs, the BFNs from the IVFs are a much bigger blow than the others.  The IUIs were unnecessarily stressful.  I'm glad we didn't waste to much time on them honestly.  
My blood test is at 8am on Friday.  I am currently 8dp-5dt.  Last night I threw up a LOT and had diarrhoea, and my husband was like very cautious and said, "Maybe you are pregnant?" and I'm like "OMG, that's what I was thinking too!!!"  so I rush to the bathroom and POAS- this is like at 10:30pm at night, and it was a BFN, and also diluted pee, but then I remember how inconclusive POAS is really.  You can google it till the cows come home and find someone who got a BFN on a HPT and later turned into a positive for all kinds of dates.  
Three more days.  Just three more days.  

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Congrats on making it through this far!  I had my transfer done last Thursday and I am losing my mind as well!  I am not sure if we are supposed to take a home pregnancy test because it could read a false positive or a false negative! Good Luck!

Dec 11 2013 10:52 AM
Oh my gosh, your story sounds devastating and frustrating. I hope this is your BFP and I will keep posted to find out. Did you do IVF again this time? I feel you on googling! I wonder how many hours/days/weeks I've spent on forums. My two week wait starts Friday! I'm anxious and excited! What your diagnosis and do they know why the other rounds didn't work?

re milliecat21 - We are diagnosed as unexplained infertility.  They have no idea why the other rounds didn't work.  Yes, this 2WW is for IVF.  This is our 3rd and final IVF.  

Dec 11 2013 01:55 PM
Well best of luck, like I said I will keep posted!
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Dec 17 2013 01:15 PM

Hi ladies am the same boat as you are did transfer on the DEC 10 , I took pregnacy test today was positive. I have my appointment Friday which should confirm it. Praying very hard!!

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