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Eight Embryos

Posted by Myrtle , 30 November 2013 · 2529 views

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I have survived my egg retrieval quite well.  It was now 3 days ago.  Every morning the clinic calls me with an update from the embryologist.  The first update said, 12 eggs retrieved, 10 mature, 8 fertilized.  This is a way higher percentage of fertilization than our previous cycles, and I must say my husband is super proud of this.  
The next day, the next phone call, they tell me I will have a 5 day transfer on Monday, and I asked how my embryos are doing and they say fine, they are of "various quality" and I still have 8.  EIGHT, still?  Wow.
This morning, this is the 3 day old embryos now, if I was going a 3 day transfer this would have been the day, the embryologist tells me we are still on for a 5 day transfer and we still have EIGHT embryos.  This embryologist said they were all of "pretty good" quality.  
I am amazed at the results this time or maybe I have just forgotten my past results.  Hahaha.  Even if I can't get pregnant, I am excited we can make embryos.  

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That's a pretty good report!!!  


Best of luck!

Yes, I was always excited to know that my bits, and my DH's bits could do what they should.  Even if in the end our quality wasn't great, I was always glad to know they they worked when they were finally able to meet each other :)

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Myrtle, that is fantastic news :D, so happy to read this

Go Myrtle go!!! It is encouraging to hear this kind of news!!

Dec 07 2013 08:00 AM

What was your protocol?

My protocol was the long one.  I did BCP for 3 weeks, then started buserilin.  Kept on with buserilin, then started with puregon.  I also took dexamethasone and baby aspirin from the point where I started the BCP.  I also did acupuncture this time.  

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