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allergy to buserelin ???

Posted by Myrtle , 08 November 2013 · 2594 views

ivf suprefact buserelin
So I started buserelin/suprefact last Friday, so one week ago.  On Sunday I noticed some splotches on my upper thigh.  I didn't think much of it, since my skin is very sensitive and I sometimes just get red splotchy things and never know the why or where about them.
Anyways, the red bumps have been getting more pronounced and this morning the water hitting my calves actually hurt since the red splotches are so sensitive.  I am really frustrated that I'm figuring this out on a Friday night before I've done my shot for tonight also.
I'm thinking it would be stupid to risk giving myself the shot tonight in case it causes an even worse allergic reaction,  but then part of me is thinking I will mess up my whole cycle this time.  Ugh.  
I am going to take a benadryl and see if it gets better.  I have not really ever had hives like this before, and that is what they look like, hives.  

Hives are a serious side-effect. Speak to a doctor or go to the hospital. Your well-being is very important and it is not an inconvenience to have a medical professional assess you. Please take care and feel better.

I want to update this in case anyone else has something similar.  A reaction to buserelin - a rash- would start around the injection area.  My hives started on my thighs and have spread to my calves, but are NOT near the injection area.  So it looks like I have something, but it is not related to the buserelin.  


If I had an itchy rash that started near/at the injection site, then it would more likely be the buserelin.  

Just to update again, when I cut my dosage down when I started stimming, from 50 to 20 a day, the rash completely disappeared in two days.  So strange.

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