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So many drugs and counting the days...

Posted by Myrtle , 03 November 2013 · 1014 views

ivf injections restless impatient
I'm pretty sure my moods are being very affected by the ivf drugs.  I feel so drugged.  I feel very tired and yet there is my own anxiety down in there somewhere.  I started injections on November 1st, and since my estimated ER is Nov. 25th, I find my self mentally counting down the 25 days of shots.  I am really looking forward to December when this will all be behind me.
I find all the days going much slower, with plenty of time to think or do anything.  It is kind of strange and I do definitely feel drugged a lot of the time.  I know acupuncture has been helping me a lot this cycle.  It has helped to keep me calmer and also fend off the terrible headaches.  I am so much calmer this time around and it seems to be also spreading to my husband, or at least my anxiety is not making his also anxious.  
I am trying to not even entertain the idea that this might work this time.  I am doing this so I will have no regrets.  I plan to have a big cry and then celebrate my 42nd birthday knowing we will only have one biological child.  

Best of luck.


Lots of the IVF drugs made me feel very tired.  I sleep a lot when I'm on these drugs and it is normal, I think.

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