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Acupuncture first time- WOW.

Posted by Myrtle , 20 April 2013 · 1122 views

I did my first session of acupuncture yesterday afternoon.  Today- I feel like I took a valium.  I feel so relaxed it is amazing.  I am just trying to pull out all the stops for this third IVF.  The acupuncturist has worked with other women doing IVF and has had some successes so I feel pretty good about my choice.  He gives no promises but it looks like this will also help my migraines, which will be a huge benefit.
On Thursday this week, I met with my RE, and told her I do want to go on the dexamethasone, so she said ok, and we decided to get my thyroid levels checked, since my TSH was low on one blood test, and start on the steroid.  I got the blood test done Friday morning, and took the steroid with lunch, cause I wanted the blood test before I started it.  Then I had the acupuncture.  
The acupuncturist said I would sleep well Friday night, and to remember how tired I felt on Saturday to report back to him.  Well, I do feel a little sleepy.  I was thinking - maybe it is the dexamethasone- but omg- the side effects of that are insomnia, extra energy, irritability.  So the acupuncture has helped combat those side effects.  That is pretty awesome.
I don't know how much of it my insurance is going to cover.  The first session was $85, and all other sessions are $70.  He wants me to come once a week right now, so that seems fair.  I can't believe how relaxed I feel.  

Apr 20 2013 04:36 PM

Glad you're enjoying acupuncture.  I did as well for my last cycle.  Though towards the end, combined with stimming, I was needled out!  I really had a hard time staying zen through the process.  The needles really aggravated me.  But, I just kept on going through it for benefits it potentially has!


Will you be able to do a pre/post transfer session?  I was able to have someone come to the clinic.  She charged me 120$.  She did a quick 20 minutes session before and after transfer.  I can give you her name if you want it.  


Also, not sure if we can or not, but we've declared the acupuncture on income tax...  So keep your bills!   

I felt the same way after my first acupuncture session.  I'm not sure if it helped me in the TTC department but I LOVE that I am able to sleep like a baby afterwards and how it makes me take time out of my week to concentrate on just me and give me some time to relax!  Definitely helps get a person in good head space!  Glad you're finding it a positive addition to your weekly routine!

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