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IVF #2 over with a BFN.

Posted by Myrtle , 08 November 2012 · 1495 views

BFN ivf second secondary infertility unexplained infertility
Our second IVF has now completely failed. There's nothing I regret or feel was done wrong. It just wasn't meant to be. So with this, and feeling just completely exhausted from this and the FET right before it, I am taking a break from fertility treatments. I know I'm almost 41 and my eggs are getting old etc..., but for the good of my small family, I need to do this.

My husband and I have one child, conceived naturally, who is almost 4 years old now. Every test they have done on us points to no reason at all why we cannot get pregnant. I feel like now, we have missed out on many months of even trying because we are doing fertility treatments. Before the IVFs, it was IUIs and before that, it was the tests. We have now been in treatment for infertility longer than we were TTC naturally before. It just feels very draining and we...I need a break.

I would like to get more into shape, and be able to just be happy with what I have and what I'm doing in my life right now. The amount of energy of the IVFs just take so much. So I'm not throwing in the towel by any means. I just need some time to recoup.

Nov 08 2012 08:59 PM
Wishing you all the best as you reconnect with yourself and reenergize. Recognizing you need this is not surrendering, it's rebuilding so you can keep going.

Good Luck.


Sounds like a very wise and thoughtful decision. I hope you're able to take the time for you and for your family and to recuperate and focus on living life. All the best to you ((Hugz))
Great advice.

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