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Things you CAN mix with Marvelon

Posted by Myrtle , 25 September 2012 · 2372 views
marvelon, apri, birth control and 7 more...
Ah, so I've come a long way from being scared to mix ibuprofen with Marvelon.  My father arrived Friday night and I had my gum grafting surgery on Saturday.  The dentist only prescribed ibuprofen, prescription strength.  Last time I had this surgery I am pretty sure they gave me a prescription for vicodin.  So two days later, some stitches came out, w...



Posted by Myrtle , 19 September 2012 · 1025 views
anxiety, marvelon, birth control and 3 more...
I have never been good managing my anxiety when my husband is away.  I sometimes can sort of handle it, but not unless someone else is visiting or I just go and visit my family.  In fact, I think I didn't do very well living alone, and hated it when ALL of my roommates went away.  I remember telling one of my college BFFs about this "being all alo...


Day 3 of Marvelon

Posted by Myrtle , 18 September 2012 · 1940 views
marvelon, anxiety, apralozam and 1 more...
So I'm on day 3 of Marvelon- which is just a birth control pill.  My husband is away on business until late Wednesday night, and I guess my nerves got the best of me.  I felt pretty awful after taking the pill on Sunday, but not right away.  Maybe 3-4 hours later I felt nauseous and then just very tired.   I also felt a slight headache.  The next day...

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