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Acupuncture first time- WOW.

Posted by Myrtle , 20 April 2013 · 1320 views

I did my first session of acupuncture yesterday afternoon.  Today- I feel like I took a valium.  I feel so relaxed it is amazing.  I am just trying to pull out all the stops for this third IVF.  The acupuncturist has worked with other women doing IVF and has had some successes so I feel pretty good about my choice....


Pregnant for a day

Posted by Myrtle , 05 April 2013 · 1516 views
chemical pregnancy, infertility
AF was one day late, and I tested and got a really, really, super, faintest ever line on an HPT.  That was two days ago, in the afternoon.  Yesterday morning I used FMU and got another faint faint line.  Then I wondered if it was possible they were evap lines, I read up on them, and tested my tap water, which is not pregnant.  

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