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Still dealing with these feelings over a month later

Posted by Myrtle , 19 December 2012 · 728 views

I am starting to get very annoyed with my constant anxiety/depression.  With Christmas around the corner, I  had lots of plans of things to do.  These things usually are fun mixed with stress for me, but usually I can overcome the stress part with enough planning, and enjoy myself for the most part.Well, the anxiety and depression is much stronger this ti...


Am I taking a break?

Posted by Myrtle , 11 December 2012 · 1038 views
break, spouse, ttc, ivf and 1 more...
After our second failed IVF, my husband and I agreed to take a break.  I wanted nothing to do with IVF right away, and neither did he.  We tentatively signed up for our 3rd and final ivf in April of 2013, which I wanted to push to later, almost right away.  He just wants to get it over with.  I had asked my RE at our WTF appointment for further testing on...

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