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Flu & Husband during IVF

Posted by Myrtle , 04 October 2012 · 1446 views
flu, suprefact, ivf, fever and 2 more...
This is the second fever/flu I have had since starting my meds for this ivf.  I really hope my husband does not get the fever again also.  I think the suprefact might be making me more susceptible to these viruses.  Usually I stay pretty healthy, and all of a sudden I am the first person to get sick in my house and some of them are not even getting sick a...


Migraine !!!

Posted by Myrtle , 02 October 2012 · 1410 views
migraine, aura, suprefact, AF and 2 more...
AF came full flow three days after I stopped the BCP.  I am still on 50 units of suprefact a day.  I remember having terrible migraines coming off birth control the last time, and well, it is happening again.  This time I have a prescription for a migraine medicine called Maxalt.  Last night the pharmacy was closed and my husband did his research on the i...

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