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Another Kick in the Pants

Posted by Nantol , 07 July 2012 · 2118 views

Just need to vent. I had a routine physical last month (bloodwork, pap, etc.).  When my GP checked my throat he felt something that prompted him to order a thyroid ultrasound.  At the time he said it was nothing to be worried about - it could simply be a cyst and that is fairly common. When the ultrasound results came back my GP said he was concerned abou...


WTF appt left me reeling but my naturopath came to the rescue!

Posted by Nantol , 06 March 2012 · 1513 views

I had my WTF appt last Thursday and boy did it ever put me through the ringer. My RE explained that although 4 out 5 eggs fertilized - 3 of them were 'granulated' even before they were hit with ICSI.  The embryologist were not confident that 2 of the fertlized granulated embryos would make it and sure enough on Day 2 of Fert report I was down to 2...

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