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What's a Girl to do????

Posted by RITALUV , 23 February 2012 · 1044 views

I am having my Egg Retrieval done tomorrow... I took my trigger shot last night and once I put that needle in my stomach I knew it was no turning back from this. I am so anxious and nervous but proud and blessed at the same time. I am not sure what to do and I have no one to talk to so I turned to you all.... WHATS A GIRL TO DO????

I am cleaning up everything in my house. I was told no smells or chemicals should be around me the morning of the procedure. So I am trying to air out the house. It got so serious that I have cornered my husband and nearly thrown him out of the house (he smokes cigarettes) although he is trying to stop I smelled it on his clothes and it pissed me off. I just threw out his ashtrays while he was at work...But my Dr. made it clear that those smells or chemicals on my body or clothes could harm the eggs. Sorry DH but DW wants this done1 time!!!!! I am moving by the grace of God!!!!

I cant sleep and I cant sit down... Is there anything I can do to relax and get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight? If I am like this with the retrieval it is going to be a very long 2WW. Is this feelings normal???? I need to clarity people!!!!


It is a stressful process...your feelings are normal! Hope you can sleep ok, maybe take some benedryl before bed tonight. Hope your ER goes well tomorrow.
Thanks Yvonne :)
Sounds pretty normal to me. This is a stressful process with so much at stake. It can feel like all our eggs are in one basket, no pun intended, every time we do a cycle. Try not to stress too much, take time to do something nice for yourself today and best of luck tomorrow.
Thx KiKibird :) I made myself a great dinner and I am not relaxing stuffing my face so I wont be too hungry in the am...
Congrats! You're well on your way!
I hope today goes smoothly and you can take some time to relax. I found that getting something to distract me was the best way to pass time in the 2WW although it still seemed like a painfully long time. Get lots of sleep, eat well, think good thoughts. That is my best advice :-)
Thank you Rachel so far things are looking great... I barely feel pain....

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