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Posted by C.J. , in puragon, marvelon, ivf, surrogac, Uncategorized 26 February 2012 · 729 views

Wow, that wasn't so bad! I started my Puragon two days ago, I am really doing my part now! I am ready for this! Honetly, the anticipation was the worst part! The shots are not bad and they are actually making me feel like I am contributing to this process. I feel a sense of control in a situation that has been out of my control for yea...


This is it...

Posted by C.J. , 20 February 2012 · 556 views

Okay here we go, I will be taking my last Marvelon 21 pill tomorrow and than I will be starting my Puragon injections (yikes!), three days later. Oh Marvelon you were anything but marvelous!Here is to not getting arrested, fired or divorced! As someone who in her 32 years has never experianced moodswings, it was an absolute emotional rollercoa...


A silver lining

Posted by C.J. , 18 February 2012 · 723 views
It all hit me today as we sat in the ultrasound clinic waiting, staring at the monitor to see if Mel's endometrium lining had increased from our previous 6.8 reading from two days ago. The image appeared on the screen and the emotions or hormones from the medications hit me, this is where our baby is going to grow! In this perfect uterus that is b...

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