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Infertility has taught me...

Posted by BCgirl , 13 February 2012 · 951 views

1) To take absolutely nothing in life for granted

2) That the people that you think will stand by you through thick and thin sometimes dont

3) That the people you think could never understand what you're going through sometimes never rule out anyone as a friend and amazing support person

4) That the one thing I hate most in this world is seeing that look of sadness and disappointment on my husband's face that he tries to hide with every failed fertility treatment or period that comes

5)That although I know that God answers prayers, sometimes the answer is No

6) That I am so much stronger than I ever realized

7) That even in our darkest hour, we must find some glimmer of hope no matter how small it may be

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Very well put.
So true !!!!! thanks for sharing.
That is from an experienced heart. Well said.
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So true!
Very true. Nice blog.

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