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Posted by Marvic , 01 February 2012 · 999 views

I am 37 and have never been pregnant. I am a very, very happily (elatedly) married woman. My husband is an incredible, empathetic and understanding sweetheart. I adore him. We were married in June 2010 and have been together since 2002. So happy!!

We are now on an IVF journey that I am positive will be one we will never forget. It is a strange new world this IVF world. A whole new language has been discovered. New feelings, new ideas and much hope is in my heart. I want a family. I am optimistic that with a tubal problem we will have great eggs and I know hubs swimmers are in good shape, I pray for BFP's. I pray for my sanity throughout this journey and for the abiltiy to go with the flow.

So its a waiting game. I waited for AF for what felt like an eternity. Really in all my life I have never felt the want to have a period so badly in all my life. It seems I am good company here.....many people have expressed this very notion of wanting their period immediately so that they could begin a cycle of IVF. I have seen many post that AF was late or not coming at a usual this the watched pot never boils principle?? Perhaps?? I am on the BCP (Alesse for over a year now) and I had to wait what seemed like forever as well. I was almost taking my next pill before AF reared her head.

I got the call from the clinic on Monday but we knew it was coming. I'd heard from them last week to say they'd call early in the week to set my dates up for me. I am now tentatively set up to have my Suprefact started on February 7 2012. If all goes well then Feb 21-23 will be my baseline US to ensure my ovaries are behaving...or rather NOT behaving and on standby! If that is the case it's time to begin with the FSH. Not sure on the protocol of meds or if that changes per case, thinking it will. Blood work Feb 26, U/S and blood work Feb 29th and then the good part!!! March 7th is probable ER date. ( I may be getting some of this new language...not that I have a choice in the matter, I had better get it or I'll be left behind!!).

I have been told that I am at high risk for OHS. Kinda scary. I do not want to even consider the worse complications of OHS. Not a good thing to happen to the body I'm thinking..... Well if it does it does. When my initial u/s to check eggs was done I had a good number of eggs. This is not my issue, as I said its my tubes that are bungled up ...hmmmm well totally useless really.
Soooo with a normal production of eggs the risk, I guess, goes up for OHS(still need to read more on this to get further info).
I am also at risk for infection. I had a giant bloody infection with my SHG. They blew whatever wee nasty bugs were in my tubes into my pelvis and it was a joy to have a temperature and feel like total not sucked taking three different heavy antibiotics. We went through this again with my Essure procedure to totally tie my tubes to prevent the back flow of fluid to uterus and vice verse.

So risks aside all seems to be in good order to go ahead and travel the path of infertility treatment.

happy thoughts!!! think happy thoughts and stay positive. My new motto!!!

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Feb 01 2012 05:08 AM
Good luck with your cycle!
A great attitude, a supportive partner and a sense of humour.... you'll be just fine! Add lashing of patience and you have your survival kit for the journey. Good luck! You've come to the right place, there are some amazing supportive folks here..... join a cycling thread if you haven't already.... sharing the experiences (good and bad) especially during the waiting periods helps maintain sanity.
Best of luck!
Feb 01 2012 10:51 PM
I second all that has been said already! These gals on here are great, and you will do just fine! Take it all in stride, and vent away, we are all here to listen and vent together...for the good and the bad, and sometimes the ugly of what IVF can sometimes bring out!
I was in my 37th year when I underwent my first IVF, and just turned 40 a month before the birth of my 2nd child! So it CAN HAPPEN!!!
I wish you all the best!
Dear Mavric,
Welcome to the group. As much as I wish for less of us joining this rollercoaster but I am glad you have joined this group early on ;). There will be many ups and downs in this road called infertility so my advise to you is to remain positive and upbeat. That is the only way to defeat this beast…. Many of us have had great days and very heart breaking days but one thing is for sure and that is, at the end of it all we all get to see the light. It does not really matter what kind of a light it is. If it is from success of giving birth to beautiful babies or from coming to peace with the idea of letting go or coming to the end of it all with adoption. This process will ultimately bring you to a closure and that is the best feeling ever.
I wish you a very short and successful journey and remember if you ever need a shoulder to cry or a place to vent we all are here for you :).

Keep that spirit up :)
Best of luck! OHS is scary, but bearable. I've had two different doctors give me two VERY different protocols for handling it. The 1st told me to drink lots of gatorade/pedialyte and drink plenty of water. OHS landed me in the hospital with fluid in my lungs. It's beyond cool to see abdominal ultrasounds at this time though because you can actually see your parts work.
My current doctor puts me on strict fluid restriction. The dehydration is no fun, but the fluid stays out of my lungs. Well worth it. Do what your body tells you is right.

Hey There, I have a question for you re: Essure.

I am contemplating getting the coils put in vs. lap surgery.

I have the same problem as tubes blocked, there is fluid in it that's lethal to an embryo. I've seen some really bad press lately on Essure so I'm really in a bind. I would love to hear your experience getting them put in & also how you're feeling now?



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