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RE's office called

Posted by baby2be , 13 July 2010 · 952 views

RE's office just called me. I was really hoping the nurse was going to say all is well go ahead and start estrogen shots, but instead she tells me. They just got the results and my estrogen levels are fine, but the u/s report needs be look at by the RE. Their computers are down right now and so I am to hold off on estrogen until tomorrow. I asked the nurse if there is anything I should be concerned over and she said she is not sure yet the RE need to go over the report. Well, now I am freaking out that there is something very wrong. IF is so stressful. Now, I will be thinking all night what it could be or if there is even anything wrong.

It's probably just a technical thing that liability/malpractice requires them to hold off on. Your RE can't tell you how to proceed if he doesn't have all your info in front of him. Try to relax!
Hey Dana - keepin gmy fingers crossed that it's nothing and the RE really does just have to take a quick look at your scan. Good Luck!
Hang in there hun!! xxx
Yes, I know there maybe be nothing wrong, but still I'm worried. Yeah, have no tubes, I have polycystic ovaries and maybe a weird shaped uterus, but still I worry that there could be more. Well, tomorrow is not that far away and I hope they call me first thing in the morning.

Thanks for your support!
Argghh! I hate to wait to hear about cycling news, I really feel for you. Try to imagine that they will tell you something amazing and who knows, maybe they will. Good luck.
Hang in there hun, thinking of you and sending you love and hugs.
Hope all is ok. Thinking of you :)
Thinking of you Dana
Sometimes not knowing feels worse that getting the answer! Deep breath....

Thinking good thoughts for you.

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