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cycle day 3

Posted by baby2be , 13 July 2010 · 796 views

Yesterday, was my cycle day 3. I'm transferring in California, but doing all of the monitioring locally. I go in for my u/s yesterday am and the lady at the front asks me if I am there for a follie count. I said no I am here for a lining check. My fertlity clinic needs to make sure my lining is thin, so that I can start estrogen shots. Ok, she checks me in and after a short wait I was called to the back. The tech asks me if this is a IVF cycle and I said yes, then she asks me if I am taking clomid. I laugh a little and say no I am on lupron right now. Then I tell her I have frozen embryos, so basically what we're trying to do here is prepare my lining for a pregnancy. She tells me to lay on my back and she is going to do an abdominal u/s and I was confused as I am sure she noticed on my face, so she said I am just going to check this way first, then we'll do the other thing. I said ok she looks for a minute, then she said I know your bladder is pretty empty, but can you try to empty it a little more. I said sure and off I go to the bathroom. I come back, she tells me here is a sheet to drape you and undress from waist down. I did and she comes back, then she shows me the u/s wand and she said have you ever had one of these before. I said yeah, just about a million times,lol. She begins the exam and it takes her about 30 minutes. So took over 50 pics. Half way through I asked her if everything looked ok and she said she can't tell me, but they will send a report to my RE. I said okay and she continues her thing while try to think what a hell is she seeing on the u/s and why is it taking so long. Finally, we got done she left the room, but the pics were still on the screen, so I look and it looks like I may have a big cyst, but then with my cysts are normal. If I had the u/s at my RE's office it would not have taken more then 5 minutes. I have not heard anything from the clinic yet and today I am supposed to start estrogen shots. I am wondering if I should just go ahead and take the shot or wait till probably the end of the day for their call??

I agree with KL, I would give them a call to be sure. Good luck!
Jul 13 2010 02:47 PM
Amazing how much the outside world doesn't know about IVF. I hope everything works out for you to start.
30 minutes for an u/s?
Geeez wth was she doing in there?
Personally, I would call to find out whats going on too....the sooner you know, the sooner you can get things under way :th_abighug:
Wishing you well!!
Ever Hopeful
Jul 13 2010 03:45 PM
U/s techs *rolls eyes
Speaking of weird pelvic ultrasounds - when I had one done at the hospital, the tech told me that I had to put it *in* because they're not allowed to! Anyone heard of that?!???
Thanks ladies. I did call and they still don't have the resutls, so I am just waiting and hoping all is well.

Impatient- Yes, the u/s tech told me she would hand it to me under the sheet and if I could put it in. That was very weird and a little uncomfy.
Jul 13 2010 08:06 PM
At my clinic, the RE always lets you do it yourself. I think more of a comfort factor than not being allowed to!

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