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Need some information on how to start fundraising campaign for one wonderful family

Posted by Natalia73 , 31 July 2014 · 1258 views

Guys, I have seen here couple times people start fundraising campaign for their IVF.  What is the URL? We really want to do something for one amazing family and their daughter.  They have to pay 60K yearly expenses for their kid to continue with her figure skating.  It has been like this for last 11 years. They don’t own house, they have only one car. They both work so hard for their daughter to represent the Canada on next Olympics. She will be there! She is already 3rd! Please share the information on fundraising. Thank you! Very tiny support from government :( Please share your ideas!

Jul 31 2014 01:43 PM

There are a lot of sites for crowd funding - this is what these fundraising efforts are called. Some sites charge more than others to process donations, so make sure you do your research. Then you have to have a great story to tell - a video often helps, and it doesn't have to be a professional video. And then it's important to provide updates along the way - how things are going, goals they have, challenges they're facing, that kind of thing. Some folks provide "incentives" depending on the amount donated, while others don't. It's personal preference.


These sites might help:


And this one especially. It focuses on the stories of other amateur athletes:


Good luck to her!!!

so so helpful! Thank you so much!

I just read this in Globe & Mail - could be useful info for you.



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