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Beta Dropping or Defective HPT?

Posted by Natalia73 , 12 March 2013 · 6499 views

Had initially very faint FRER HPTs on 8dp3dt, 9dp3dt, 10dp3dt.
As you can see from the picture 9dp3dt and 10dp3dt didn't change in color.
I was very depressed and having no FRER left, decided wait till beta.
But NO, something little inside me was constantly reminding me that I had one ClearBlue Digital left and I decided to go with that.
Measured yesterday 11dp3dt with ClearBlue digital and got 2-3 weeks reading. I was so happy. It did grow! But the same time I was kinda surprised, because the initial start was quite low, even one day ago at 10dp3dt, the FRER was very faint and it was not even near 100 mui based on color. I thought there is no way to get this reading so soon. But reading is a reading....
Went to the ClearBlue's website and they say 2-3 weeks reading correspond to HCG levels over 200 mui. That was yesterday, 11dp3dt.
Happiness turned to today's Beta nightmare today.
Today my beta is 132 for 12dp3dt ... It looks like it is dropping Posted Image I took the another ClearBlue digital and got 1-2 weeks today

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This may be something you don't want to hear, but why not just go to your RE's office when you are supposed to and get your hcg blood work done - and then repeat in 2 days and see if it has multiplied?  I never took a home pregnancy test - if it was positive, I would not have believed it (or driven myself nuts with repeat tests and analyses) or it would have been negative and I'd have been upset about it - neither was a great scenario. 


My advice is to stop driving yourself crazy and go get your beta done when you can - oops - just re-read and realized you had your beta done - now just forget about all the home pregnancy tests - labs vary - and you can't compare a home pregnancy test with a doctor's lab results.  Now you have to just hang in there for 2 more days and get your bloodwork done again.  Breathe!  We have all been through this part - it's a tough thing to wait out - but this whole process has a ton of waiting.


Good luck!  Hang in there!

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Mar 12 2013 08:22 PM

Natti- 132 is still a totally viable number! I second Sharlene's post. Wait to see what your next beta will show.


You are in my thoughts and everything is crossed for you that your next beta will be reassuring.



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nervus optimist
Mar 12 2013 08:24 PM

it's definitely a scary process.  I do have to agree that I'm not a big fan of HPT - I once had a negative HPT on the morning of a positive beta.  hoping that the next blood test puts your mind at ease.



Mar 12 2013 08:37 PM

Natti - I forgot to mention that I was talking to Tammi today and she said anything over 100 is considered good!


Fingers crossed my dear!

I am in such a bad place now.... My dog is very very sick ...

O God. please ...

Everything is hitting me in one shot....

My clinic apparently does only one beta and if the number is above 100, they assume that it's success.  I learned of this today when I was debating over whether or not to take a hpt.  I think I'll stick with the blood test.  I just couldn't imagine that I would trust the results and I'd be driving myself crazy second-guessing everything. have to wait and see what the beta says.....and this is why I chose not to do HPT's cause they seem to drive up the insecurity!! I am in the same boat as you but your beta is aboat 10000 times better than mine deep breath and fingers crossed!!! And hope that your dog gets better soon....

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Mar 13 2013 01:28 PM

I'm an hpt girl and I test everyday from about 5 dpt BUT I also realize that there are so many variables with home tests.

Even using first morning urine can be unreliable if you drank too much fluid the night before. I'm not sure how many you transfered but theres also the possibility that multiple implanted but now only one remains growing.... could you still have had some trigger shot when you got the 2-3 week test but when you got the 1-2 week result the trigger was out of your system.

See there are SO many things that can effect the results. Now that you have a baseline beta stick with that.... those will give you the best results

Thank you very much, Ladies.

Beta grew, but it is very slow


12dp3dt - 132

13dp3dt - 175

nervus optimist
Mar 13 2013 05:16 PM

it's heading in the right direction... will they retest again in 2 days?  hang in there - it's a lot but you can do this.  be kind to yourself and do whatever works for you 


Mar 13 2013 11:23 PM
That looks right on track to me. Usually it's expected to double in a 48-72 hour period. I'm not sure why they tested two days in a row. Hang in there.

I am high HCG girl. From my previous singleton and twins pregnancies I had:


Singleton - 17dpo - 1750

Twins - 14dp5dt - 2860


I had also blighted ovum - 19 dpo - 172

and chemical - 14dp5dt - 49

Mar 14 2013 01:28 AM
Just remember every pregnancy is different, even in the same woman. Your other betas were done later than these. All you can do is repeat it and follow your clinic's directions. Whatever you do, keep taking your meds until you are directed otherwise.

no good ending here. Possible ectopic


12dp3dt - 132

13dp3dt - 175

15dp3dt - 220

Replied one way, then saw in one of your posts that your beta is now dropping.  Sorry to hear that hon.

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