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14dp5dt first beta 2865 and red bleeding yesterday. Any suggestions, any thoughts, any advise?

Posted by Natalia73 , 10 April 2012 · 4838 views

I fill crampy and my uterus feels very tight. Any movement causes me some uterus discomfort. I am 14dp5dt and beta is 2865 today. Yesterday I had a bright red bleed that was just once and only when I wiped. Now I have a light brown spotting. Is there any change it will turn to normal pregnancy? I am so scared now. First I lost all my hope after yesterday bleed, today I am so scared ... God please save my baby/babies!

Praying for you and your embryos,...could be normal...try not to over think it everyone is different. I was told spotting was very common in pregnancy.
Thinking of you, given that its now brown blood its probably still okay.
How are you today?
Thank you very much, Ladies. I am filling much better today. So far no more spotting FX. Praying all the time for little one/ones to stick nicely. After my previous bad experience with hematoma, I am scared to do any step, any move... I am getting crazy ...
((((hugs)))) I had bright red gushing and it all turned out ok....long bumpy road but at the end of the day the twins were ok. As long as you don't have severe cramping. Try to hang in there, can they do another beta on you just to see if it's going up?
Feet up and rest, and drinks lots of water, hopefully the bleeding stops for good with lots of rest. If it starts again you might want to make sure that your body is absorbing enough progesterone so you could ask your clinic about that should the bleeding continue. Excellent beta by the way :)

Lot's of women bleed in the first few months of pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about it. Your numbers are good. Are you having twins?

I had something similar happen to me at 12 weeks. It scared me to death. But all was ok. She is now almost 3 years old.

Best of luck:)
Oh, God, thank you, thank you, thank you!
April 10, First beta is 2865
April 13, Second beta is 7180.

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