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16 days since I placed my order on ivfpharmacy.com. It is not here!

Posted by Natalia73 , 20 February 2012 · 6892 views

Time is running out. My meds have been with custom for over the week! I contacted ivfpharmacy.com, they want me contact to the custom!!! How and where?! I am devastated.
So many problems with this company. First they run out part of the drugs I needed and I had to placed a half of my order with another provider ivfmeds.com several days later. Guess what.. All meds from ivfmeds.com was here within 5 days. Here is 16 days and they even can not tell me when it is going to be here. What a service! Why should I contact custom, if it is their job?!

Feb 20 2012 07:19 PM
Their job or not, I suggest you get in touch with customs directly and take charge of the situation if you want to ensure your cycle goes. You don't want any added stress if you can avoid it and sometimes that means more work for you.

Sorry things aren't' going smoother.
Contact custom in MISSISSAUGA? This is not local custom where I live (Vancouver).
Feb 20 2012 09:01 PM
Mississauga? That's not even a border town? Maybe the custom office is there? Where ever they say it is, I'd get on the phone and plead my case. At this point, provincial borders aren't going to matter. If your stuff is stuff in Ontario, then you're still going to have to wait once it crosses customs to get to the west coast.

Sorry it couldn't be easier.

The best things in life are never easy to come by.

Good Luck.
Are they shipping by Fedex or UPS? If so maybe you should contact them..? Does your shipping info say where the drugs are..?
They shipped USPS. On Canadian side the CanadianPost took over. I checked their website. Not much of info .. :( The CanadianPost website says
2012/02/13 13:15 MISSISSAUGA
International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs

How can I find the contact information on this custom?
every step is so hard... first my DH couldn't produce a sperm sample. They gave us several days otherwise they would cancel the cycle. We made it. Now problems with meds ...
I would contact ivfpharmacy and have them email or fax you copies of the paperwork, including customs documents (commerical invoice or Canada Customs Invoice). It shouldn't take this long to be 'held in customs' unless they are waiting for additional paperwork to clear it. I am familiar with US and Canadian customs (part of my job) however my knowledge is limited with medications cross border. If you think I can help, PM me the tracking numbers.
OMG... no advice here but I sure hope everything works out.
I sent tons of emails to different places trying to find the right number to call or email. Finally one custom broker re-directed me to the right place and I was able to dig some information. IVFPharmacy has been completely ignoring my emails for last 2 days. The only email I got from them was saying they are checking on my meds and they suggested me contact custom by myself (shot to nowhere - no other details, phone numbers, emails, nothing). I finally found and got an answer myself. My meds was stopped by Health Canada, They are currently checking just january shippments. It might take 2-4 weeks for my meds to get checked. I need this meds on Feb 25 here in Vancouver and there is no way I can get it. What should I do ladies. I will buy now meds in my fertility clinic, but what should I do with parcel from ivfpharmacy.com when it finally arrives. I will have no need of this plus so much money lost :(
Feb 21 2012 03:19 PM
I've only ever dealt with IVFmeds.com (and got great service), I know that I was told to order earlier enough to deal with any potential hold ups that customs may give as really that is no fault of the pharmacy and its a risk that we run when ordering from out of the country but ignoring your emails and not being more compassionate is very unprofessional.
If you paid by credit card then I would disput the charge and return the package to sender, aside from that I am not sure what advice to offer. The one thing that I should mention is that if your medication was needed to be kept refergerated then the ice packs have likely long thawed out and your meds may have been compromosed.
I just got a call from ivfpharmacy after I have done all these investigation with the custom delay(they were no help at all). I sent them an email with all details I got from Canadian Custom and the manager called me right the way. He appologized he said they sent 70 parcels in total to Canada and just 4 of them got stopped on the Canadian Custom for not more than 2-3 days. Mine parcel was there (on Canadian Custom for over 8 days now) and it will be there for next 2-4 weeks because of Health Canada check. Health Canada is now processing JANUARY. So I have no use of this meds at all. It would be too late. ivfpharmacy said when the meds finally arrives (in several weeks) in Vancouver, just don't peek it up and it will be send automatically back to the Coutry of Origin. When this parcel arrives back to the Coutry of Origin, they will do a full refund. I still have a bit time and I just placed an urgent order with ivfmeds.com. They were awesome last time when I ordered from them. I will get some meds from local clinic farmacy untill my parcel arrives from ivfmeds.com. Hopefully everything will go smothly this time.
I had a similar problem with IVFmeds.com. I placed my order in plenty of time. But because I didn't pay for rush shipping they shipped first to the states and then to canada. It got caught in customs and held up for weeks. I repeated my order but paided for rush shipping and they shipped directly to canada and I got my shippment with in days. So now when I order I pay for the rush shipping.
Natti, I'm sorry you had so much trouble with your meds. Unfortunately I don't think it's the pharmacy itself, you were just one of those unlucky ones who got picked up by the customs. My meds from them arrived 5 days from placing the order. Whenever we order from abroad there is a chance it's gonna be our order to be held at the customs. I'm glad you were able to get a rush order through ivfmeds. Good luck with your cycle!
THat's awful. Just so you know you could order from Ontario (canada), glen shields pharmacy has excellent prices and no custom delays. I picked up my drugs there from the last cycle. The pharmacist is infertile so she sells the drugs at a much lower rate.

Thank you very much for your kindness and support. I placed an emergency order with ivfmeds.com. Hopefully everything arrives on time.
Just got my meds from ivfmeds.com. Wow it just took 3 days to get dilevered! ;)

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