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wait for FET - so long ...

Posted by Natalia73 , 31 October 2011 · 994 views

Had a follow-up appointment with my RE today after failed IVF in September. I wish I could look at and see the whole IVF picture the same way how he sees it positively. Was told we can proceed with FET in December or January. I was devastated. Why do I have to wait so long? He said their policy is at least 2 cycles wait after failed IVF!!! L Time is running out ...

Nov 01 2011 12:47 PM
Your body needs time to rest/recover from your last IVF cycle. I understand the "Time is running out" feeling... But it's better to give your body (and you in general) a chance to recover before rushing into the FET. It'll give you time to prepare your body for this next attempt in a healthy state.
Nov 01 2011 07:38 PM
hey natti, my RE told me i can do a back to back cycle after a failed miscarriage..he told me that our uterus recovers pretty quickly it's just our mental state that has to take time to recover. For us, we will wait a bit before our FET to sort things out. I hope the best for you and i know you will be a mommy!

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