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Is today day one or two????

Posted by tjluvbug , 19 October 2011 · 914 views

So day 1dp5dt and I'm doing my best to limit activity. I know bed rest isn't required but that i also shouldn't be running any marathons. I do a little housework and then sit down for a bit to rest, then get up a bit more. I'm feeling a little low on energy today and it's DH's birthday so I'm doing everything I can to muster enough energy to bake him a cake and make his favorite supper....BBQ RIBS!! I was even a good wife and made him breakfast in was only cereal and toast but hey it's the thought that counts right???

The doc upped my progesterone dosage because I raised my concern about spotting so early last IVF cycle and after getting a very strong beta number I stopped the prometrium and by the next morning I lost the pregnancy. He suggested that if it was in fact due to a drop in progesterone than having a higher progesterone dosage this time around should counteract that problem. I feel nauseous and yucky all over. I don't feel crampy....just under the weather. If it were two weeks from now I'd be over the moon thinking it was morning sickness but as I'm only one day into the 2ww I'm thinking its the endometrin.

So far I'm feeling really good about the 2ww. We have 3 frosties 4BB, and 2 3BB's which I think adds to the calmness because I know we have 1 or 2 good chances if this doesn't work. Funny thing is though, last cycle I didn't feel very positive about having it be successful but this time I just "feel" like I am going to be pregnant at the end of the 2ww. Maybe I'm setting myself up for disappointment but positivity never hurt anyone right?

TJ, I'm hoping the sickness is a good sign. Despite all my hopelessness I had a "feeling" like you that the last cycle would be the one and it was, and I'm hoping you're intuition is right too. It's really wonderful that you have 3 frosties too. Glad you're taking it easy, keep it up. BTW, if you're in search of a great chick flick I watched "Maybe Baby" with Hugh Laurie. It's a really sweet movie about a couple doing IVF, it made me laugh and cry. Take care, hugs. xo
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Thanks Iman I'll check it out!
wow, I like your spirit! Keep it on and I'm looking forward to read in 10 days that your beta is positive!!

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