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Posted by tjluvbug , 19 October 2011 · 901 views

I had my embryo transfer this morning and it went well, some weird hiccups but nothing catastrophic. I was so elated that my DH was able to accompany me to the clinic because as of yesterday at noon I was having to make the trip alone. By 4 pm he got the call that he could delay his court attendance until Wednesday (lol....that makes it sound like my DH is a bad boy....but in fact he works in criminal justice). We got to the clinic and by that time I'd already drank a full litre of water and a large decaf coffee from Tim Hortons...I certainly felt like I a had a full bladder but according to the nurse not so much. She had a difficult time locating my bladder with the ultrasound so she was having to press down VERY hard. The RE doing my transfer didn't seem to have any problems locating it though, he even made it dance on the ultrasound for me....I think he was trying to be funny.

Going into the transfer the RE who is not my regular RE advised that we would be putting back one early blast and one morula. When I asked about their quality his response was "oh don't worry, we don't put back crap". Well okay then. When I asked why I still had a morula at day 5 his response was "it is what it happens". So needless to say I'm ecstatic that I had two "non crappy" embryos transferred. They even showed us on the screen what our embababies looked like and DH who is always the comedian says to the doc "I think they kinda look like me". I wonder how many times the RE has heard that one. But all in all the whole process was smooth and successful and just a tiny anticlimactic.

I also signed up for acupuncture post transfer. Little did I know that I was getting laser acupuncture. Here I am waiting for her to start poking me with needles and she pulls out some mechanical looking contraption and advises that laser acupuncture doesn't use needles! At this point I'm looking at DH with a "what have I signed up for" look. A bean bag aromatherapy eye cover is placed over my eyes and headphones get placed on my ears to listen to a relaxation exercise specifically for IVF transfers. The acupuncture lasted a total of 5 minutes and the relaxation exercise was 20 minutes. While I'm focused on my inner world and envisioning the ball of light moving towards my abdomen I hear an external voice calling "Deborah.....Deborah.......a little louder.....Deborah?" Then a light touching on my hand followed by my DH advising the nurse disturbing me that I am in fact NOT Deborah. Following the exercise my DH says to me with a rather serious facial expression....I sure hope they didn't use Deborah's DH's sperm instead of mine. I don't mean to mock the whole laser acupuncture thing it just wasn't what I was expecting...I was expecting traditional acupuncture....but hey I've heard that it increases implantation success by 15% so at this point I'm prepared to give anything a shot.

Good luck Deborah! hahah. ;)
I hope everything goes well.. but, I'm not sure how I would feel about laser acupuncture either - it sounds odd to me as well. It's so nice that DH was able to be with you.
So glad DH made it and it all went so well. Now you can rest and relax and enjoy being Pupo Debbie ;)
You made me smile on a rainy day Posted Image Best of luck to you!

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