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Our first step

Posted by tjluvbug , 23 August 2011 · 986 views

Well first off I'm new at this, have never even considered blogging before but after reading and learning from so many others I thought that just maybe I might be of some help to others as they have been to me.

DH and I started TTC in 2005 but after one year and no progress we decided to take that initial step. I've had a history of reproductive troubles since entering into puberty but I truly didn't think that there would ever be a problem. I've always wanted children ever since I was old enough to change diapers. I was always babysitting and nannying for summer jobs and putting myself through university. It scares me that I may never get the chance but I do try to maintain a positive attitude.

We started with the typical testing that took 6 months of repeated BW and SA. We knew friends who had gone through IVF/ICSI that pregnant on their first try so again we were so optimistic that it would only take once for us also. The bad news came the day after ER when we were told only 4 of 11 fertilized. The next day we were down to 2 and by the third day we were told to rush down to the clinic (5 hours away) for an urgent ET of the only embie we had left. The RE said my uterus was the best incubator for the peanut so thats what we did.

I started spotting at 11dp3dt and was petrified. It stayed a rust color until beta day and was shocked when the clinic called to say it was positive with a beta in the high 100's. I told her that I was still spotting and I was told, it's okay it happens a lot. By the next day I was spotting more but without cramping. I called the clinic and that's when I was asked to confirm that I am RH- I was sent to the Emergency Department for an injection to try and prevent my body from attacking the fetus (apparently I should have done this as soon as I started spotting) but it was too late. The lab did another beta test in the ED and the number was already falling. I had lost the pregnancy.

There is no way to know exactly what had happened with that pregnancy. Maybe it was my body fighting the fetus because my husband is RH+ or maybe it wouldn't have been viable anyway. All I can do now islook forward hoping for better next time around and ensuring that I have written orders for the shot in case I need it again.

I'm doing my best to not overthink things and stay positive for this next round.

I'm RH Neg too. You can rest assured that it generally isn't a problem so early in pregnancy, so even if you had gotten the shot earlier, it wouldn't have made a difference to the pregnancy. And the chance of your blood being contaminated is also very, very low early on (and since you got Rhogam, you don't need to worry.)
I ditto what impatient said. I have been told many many times (beleive me I asked) if the fact that I am RH- and my husband is RH+ has contributed to my early pregnancy losses. I was always told 'NO'. I now know that two of my pregnacies were Trisomies so those babies never had a chance.
I do not thing being RH- would have caused it. If you have never been transfused and have never been exposed to Rh+ blood it will have to take some type of exposure before you form Antibodies to the Rh+ blood and that will not happen till later in pregnancy and for some on the 2nd pregnancy. I know how you feel and all the questions that is going through your mind. I lost my baby @7 weeks and did not know what went wrong and could not believe this was happening to us. That was my first IVF cycle as well. IVF is completely out of our control and the chances are 50/50. As my RE puts it, I am lucky it took the first time. that is a sign that we will get success in the long run but it will take time. Be positive and now that they know so much more about you and how your cycles works you will for sure have better success the next time. 2nd time is always the charm :)
Thank you for your thoughts. This has eased my mind a bit as I was feeling guilty that I had not gone to the ED soon enough when I started spotting and then of course the guilt of thinking that my own body caused the failure. :wall:
Oct 22 2011 03:52 PM
My donor and dh are both rh+ and I am rh - they also informed me that it owuld of made no difference. This is so weird that our stories are so similar

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